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Pollen is likewise an important factor within the usage of air cleaners. Many people don’t value pollen. They think of which pollen will not impact themselves. Actually during the particular high pollen period, coughing, runny nose, tears, rigid nose, etc. are indications of pollen allergic side effects. It is not evident and we are quickly ignored. Skin allergies inside children can lead to be able to significant changes in disposition and behavior, hyperactivity, in addition to cannot sit quietly taking, irritability, fatigue and various other behaviors.

3. dust bugs

Dust particles mites belong to the true eye, and 34 varieties have been recorded. Amongst them, the primary types associated to human allergic conditions are house dust bugs, dust mites and hidden oysters. In addition in order to mites and phlegm, individuals with dust mites allergic reactions are allergic to additional substances. As a result of existence involving pollution sources such because formaldehyde, second-hand smoke, dirt, pollen, and dust bugs, the use value regarding air purifiers is just obtainable.

4. secondhand fumes

Typically the harm of second-hand smoking is not to end up being underestimated. In the “China’s Smoking Hazard Health Report” issued by Ministry associated with Health, smokers in Cina over 15 years aged are close to thirty percent; adult males are a lot more than 50% smokers, and even China’s smokers reach 301 million. Among second-hand fumes, there are a lot more than a few, 000 kinds of wrecking chemicals. In addition in order to the lung cancer of which people usually think, using cigarettes can cause many significant diseases, so air cleanser is especially essential to smoking home.

5. formaldehyde

In China, inside fact, users first become familiar with air cleanser, not smog but chemical. Because the decoration elements are not environmentally safe, formaldehyde may be the leader regarding indoor pollution, and this is also an distinctive pollution problem for Oriental families. Formaldehyde raw components will be attached with the particular wardrobe, floor and color, and it is some sort of long-term volatile process. In the same time, damaging pollutants such as chemical and benzene are in addition high pollutants. The prevalence of “acute leukemia” will be mostly caused by typically the renovation of the household. This is a long-term hazard plus a serious hazard. This is the most significant characteristic of gaseous toxins like formaldehyde.

6. why Olansi home air cleaner

Olansi is a professional OEM ODM factory with 11 years experience, focus on health care/ beauty care products like air purifiers,water purifier,hydrogen water products.
* 29 kinds of air purifiers, 10 kinds of water purifiers, 8 kinds of hydrogen water makers, 16 ODM products.
* Research, development, design, mold opening, production, sales, after-sales service in one
* 500 workers, 60000 m2 factory, 13 production lines, 12 injection molding machines, 30 QC workers, dust-free workshop,etc. The quality, cost, delivery time etc can be controled well.
* 11 professional laboratories, 36 engineers’ R&D team, evaluation center.
* Annual output 1000000 units
* Our marketing team do reserches from all over the world and open about 10 kinds of new products every year.
* 12 months warranty for each products, 100% Aging test for mass production
* CE,CB, RoHs, SASO,CQC, CCC, FDA, UL,ERP NSF, SGS approval & ISO 9001:2008, BSCI and other 25 patent certifications, cetifications up to 36 kinds.

For more details please contact jenny@olansiglobal.com

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