5 big coups to deal with indoor PM2.5

5 big coups to deal with indoor PM2.5

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Nowadays, many people are terrified when they hear “PM2.5”. If they want to escape the claws outside, they can wear professional masks. If they are indoors? No need to worry, this is a coup!

How to measure indoor air quality?

There are two main methods for indoor air quality testing, one is to use portable testing instruments, and the other is to sample the air quality and return to the laboratory for analysis.

There are many environmental testing companies in the market. If you want to know the air quality in your home, you can ask these agencies to come to your door.

What is the indoor PM2.5 standard?

There is no national standard for indoor PM2.5 monitoring, which is usually in accordance with the standard of outdoor air quality, that is, less than 75 μg/m3, which is generally harmless to the body.

Five great tricks to learn!
■ In an office environment, try to keep the printer and copier away from people.
■ When cooking at home, turn on the hood and close the kitchen door. After the dish is cooked, continue to use the hood for a few minutes.
■ It is best not to smoke indoors.
■ Put some plants indoors, which also have a purifying effect on air quality, such as green radish, aloe vera, and spider plant.
■ When the outdoor PM2.5 reaches the level of moderate pollution (150 μg/m3), the use of an air purifier can improve the indoor air quality.

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