RO reverse osmosis water purifier working status

RO reverse osmosis water purifier working status

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1. Start up and enter the flushing state. At this time, the computer board flushing light is on. The pump, inlet valve and waste water valve are simultaneously powered on. The waste water should be discharged very quickly. After about 20 seconds, it will automatically switch to the water production state. When making water:
Ordinary models: Waste water will become smaller, but there will always be water flowing out.
Fully intelligent machine: Waste water will stop completely, then rinse once every minute. It should be very large and urgent when flushing.
2. When water is used, the middle circle of the computer board rotates, the waste water valve stops supplying power, the pressure inside the pipe rises, and the pressure required for the RO membrane starts to flow out of pure water. After a few minutes, the pure water flow should be able to flow in a line. Normal, if a drop or a drop of water or a large tube is not normal, the full intelligent machine (with pressure gauge) can adjust the pressure to 70~85PSI, the test machine can turn off the pressure tank, the normal water should be in two Within three minutes, the water should be displayed in standby. When the pressure tank is opened, the water should be in standby for 40~60 minutes.
3. Water full principle: As the machine does not stop water production, the pressure inside the pipe gradually rises without discharging pure water. When the pressure of the high-voltage switch (connected to two blue wires) is reached, the high-voltage switch is closed. The state changes to the disconnected state, the machine shows that the water is changed from water to water, the machine stops the pump and the solenoid valve supplies power, the pump stops working, the solenoid valve closes, and the waterway is disconnected.
4. As the time of use is prolonged, the membrane will gradually become clogged, and the water will be extended until the water is full. If the continuous water production does not stand for more than 4 hours, the machine will display the maintenance. This is the protection mode, which means that abnormal household water or water leakage occurs. Solved to restart the power supply.
5, when not water, first of all to confirm whether the waterway is not through, is to see the situation of wastewater,
Then confirm whether the pump has supercharged. The machine with pressure gauge can directly look at the pressure gauge. If there is no pressure gauge, you can only change the RO membrane to test, or press the pressure gauge in front of the RO membrane. If there is no pressure gauge, only Change the film to try, change the film is good, then the previous film is blocked, if not, only the pump or pump accessories.

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