Advanced principle of air purifier

Advanced principle of air purifier

Air purifiers have received little attention in the past few years, but with the worsening air quality in recent years, top home air purifiers have entered the home in a new role.

In fact, apart from the oxygen, we need for humans, there are many components that our body does not need. But with the increasing number of pollution sources, the composition of air is more complicated, except for some of the things we often hear. In addition to air pollutants such as PM2.5, dust, and pollen, formaldehyde may exist in home decoration, and some unnatural ingredients will erode human health under certain circumstances.

Now people generally hope to breathe clean and safe air, but there are many kinds of top-rated home air purifiers in the market. People need to spend some time to understand which kind of air purifier can play such an effective The purification effect, in order to completely answer such a question, must answer the principle of the purifier.

The lowest level of purifier works, which is the mechanical filtration method we often see. Generally speaking, many rural families have a screen window on their windows. The main purpose is to prevent mosquitoes from entering. In fact, such a general principle can be used to purify the air, but in the actual process, There are four main ways to capture tiny particles that are invisible in the air. One method is to intercept them directly, that is, when the diameter of the particles is too large, it is naturally excluded by the filter. The second method is the inertial collision. The principle of inertial collision can be explained simply by the fact that when a gas containing dust is encountered during the movement, if it encounters an obstacle, then the volume is larger. The particles will continue to move forward with the original inertia, which will contact the obstacle and be captured, but some of the smaller particles will bypass the obstacle. In addition to this, there are Brown’s diffusion mechanism and screening effects.

In fact, in general, such a mechanical filtration method is outdated. The reason why I came to this conclusion is that although the effect on the collection of fine particles is obvious, the wind resistance is very large, so in the long-term process, if you want In order to obtain higher purification efficiency, it is necessary to increase the resistance of the filter, which naturally reduces the life of the use, and it also requires people to replace it regularly, which may cause trouble and cannot keep up with the current intelligent rhythm.

One of the current mainstream methods of air purifiers is the principle of using electrostatic sterilization, which is very understandable. A high-voltage electrostatic field of about 6000 volts formed inside the purifier can completely kill bacterial viruses that may be hidden in the dust, etc. The most critical point is that such high-voltage static electricity can directly destroy bacteria or viruses. The polypeptide chain, so that the ability of bacteria or viruses to reproduce, even if people inhaled such viruses and bacteria is completely impossible to threaten the health of the body. One thing to note here is that the use of such electrostatic sterilization technology alone does not completely purify the air, because it is still a very critical dust-extinguishing process, so in fact, we have seen a more effective purifier. All of the combinations used are more reasonable.

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