Air pollution is serious. How can it reduce the damage to the human body?

Air pollution is serious. How can it reduce the damage to the human body?

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1. Wear a protective mask
It is also the most effective way to block airborne particles and wear protective masks. Wear anti-fog masks when you need to go out on a haze.

2. Close the doors and windows
Under normal conditions, window ventilation is the best way to improve indoor air quality. However, when the outdoor air quality is poor, the doors and windows should be closed.

3. Quit smoking, and do not smoke second-hand smoke
Smoking can cause a sudden increase in the concentration of PM2.5 and has direct or indirect health hazards to the surrounding population. If you can’t stop people around you from smoking, try to stay away from the smoke.

4. Pay attention to personal hygiene
When you go out into the room after going out in the fog, you should wash your face, wash your hands, rinse your mouth, and clean your nose.

5. Light diet
Eat more vitamins and antioxidant foods, can help remove the free radicals formed by carcinogens carried by PM2.5 in the body; you can eat more white radish, pear and broccoli and other foods, eat less irritating food.

6. Avoid indoor pollution, you can install indoor air purifier

It is worth noting that a purifier that does not produce ozone and other by-products during use should be selected.

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