Air pollution leads to obesity? Air purifiers are an effective way to solve indoor pollution

Air pollution leads to obesity? Air purifiers are an effective way to solve indoor pollution

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Maybe we don’t care about air quality in our daily life, but you don’t know that air pollution can lead to obesity. Drinking water will make the fat star feel deeply malicious… A study published in the Journal of the American Association of Experimental Biology, pointed out that air pollution can lead to obesity and disturb the body’s metabolic capacity. Suddenly want to sing a song: Breathing is the pain of getting fat?

The researchers placed pregnant mice and their offspring in two rooms. One group breathed contaminated air, and the other group used a filter to purify the air polluted by the particles and then fed them with the same food. The results showed that the mice that breathe air polluted had more weight gain, had severe inflammatory reactions in the lungs, and had higher total cholesterol than the control group. Similar problems occurred in the offspring of the mice. After eight weeks of birth, the mice in the contaminated group were heavier than the other group. According to article author Junfeng Zhang, air pollution is an important behavior and biological factor leading to obesity.

Behaviorally speaking, when air pollution is serious, people are not willing to exercise. From a biological point of view, pollutants can upset the body’s metabolic capacity. Polluted particles enter the lungs, stimulating inflammation in the lungs, which in turn induces a series of inflammatory responses. When adipose tissue shows a higher level of inflammation, more fat is deposited in the tissue, increasing body weight. This is an excuse for obesity: it is the fault of air pollution!

We know that the main cause of obesity is eating too much and exercising too little. Exercise is an effective way to lose weight, but if you exercise in polluted air, it is harmful to your health. When air pollution becomes a cause of obesity, why not contain it in the cradle? Not only do you get fat, there are many hazards from air pollution, and diseases such as respiratory diseases and eye and nose irritation are more common.

Air pollution in life can be seen everywhere: smoking, driving, cooking, spraying… The polluted air contains a variety of tiny particles, which have very little gravity and can stay in the air for a long time, we are unknowingly They are inevitably inhaled. Therefore, indoor pollution problems need to be resolved. At present, air purifiers are a more effective way to solve indoor pollution.

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