Air purifier bicycle

Air purifier bicycle

According to relevant data, Taiyou from all over the country, 8.07 million yuan to fight bribery, masks, air purifiers, indoor treadmills, and other commodities, and a weekend, I made a phone call with the fellow Shenzhen, he was relentlessly refused – recently cloudy, I let my breathing uncomfortable, you did not. Go ahead.

Ironically, this sport is unhealthy. In my dilemma, this air purifier bicycle will cure my heart. If you think it’s totally wrong, the air purifier bicycle has a nickname “photosynthetic bicycle”, a tripod with the photoelectric effect, which is used to convert sunlight into electricity. Fuel should start operating cell bodies, such as generating oxygen when not in use, or compatible with air purifiers and oxygen generators.

Air purifier bicycles and Mimi are still in such a difficult conceptual stage that the creative director of air purifier bicycles admits that they have no idea yet. They only have one model to make them create a prototype to prove the feasibility of this idea. So one day someone can say that dream comes true, the German Red Spot Design Award.

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