Air Purifier evaluation results released to formaldehyde is pure flicker – teach you how to choose air purifier

Air Purifier evaluation results released to formaldehyde is pure flicker – teach you how to choose an air purifier

Xinhuanet Beijing August 29th (Reporter Zhang Zhilong, Xiao Haichuan) “Removal of formaldehyde 99%” “Efficient addition of PM2.5″… In the past two years, due to the influence of smog, air purifiers have been increasingly popular, and Is the product effect of thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars really magical?
Recently, the relevant performance evaluation results of China’s air purifiers released by relevant departments show that the PM2.5 technology in the air purifier purifying air is relatively mature, and the function of scavenging formaldehyde is basically “flickering”, with no significant effect, and the price is high and exaggerated. And so on.
Remove formaldehyde by 99%? Test result: Basically invalid.
On the 27th, the reporter saw at the air purifier counter of the front store of an electrical appliance store in Beijing that there were twenty or thirty air purifiers on the shelves, and the price ranged from less than 1,000 yuan to nearly 10,000 yuan. Many manufacturers’ large posters are printed with “99% formaldehyde removal”, “complete decomposition without residue”, “smart removal of formaldehyde”, etc., and various “advanced technologies” with letters and English are attached below.
The reporter asked about the need to purify the air after the house was renovated. The salesperson immediately promoted an imported brand air purifier with a price of 5,499 yuan. In the promotional materials, this model AC4076 products filter formaldehyde rate as high as 99.1%.
The reporter asked the clerk “when the effect can be achieved so well, how the value is drawn”, the clerk said that “this is imported, all the data detected by the authoritative laboratory, authentic and reliable, just use it.”
So, the actual use of formaldehyde in addition to the effect is really so ideal? Song Guangsheng, director of the National Indoor Interior-Environment and Environmental Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (hereinafter referred to as “Indoor Environmental Inspection Center”) gave a rather pessimistic answer: “Most air purifiers claim that formaldehyde has almost no effect.”

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