Air purifier filter cleaning and maintenance guide, teach you how to save purification costs

Air purifier filter cleaning and maintenance guide, teach you how to save purification costs

The use of an air purifier is very simple, and the filter is installed and plugged in and used. But if you say it is not that simple. Perhaps you haven’t read the instructions yet, or the blind spots in some air purifiers have not been noticed. Several suggestions on how to use the air purifier correctly are summarized as follows in the form of question and answer, hoping to help everyone!

1. How to install the air purifier filter

Different models of air purifier filters are installed differently. However, the Xiaobian survey found that most of the air purifier filters on the market are packaged in waterproof bags and placed in the purifier filter drawer, as is the Stewart air purifier. Consumers only need to take out the filter and unpack the waterproof bag in the original order, which is simple and not necessary.

2, the position of the air purifier

Do not place the air purifier in the aisle, it should be placed in a room where family activities are concentrated. The air purifier needs a certain distance from the wall surface, and the distance of 30 cm is good so that the air inlet and the air outlet have better air circulation.

3. How long is the air purifier open?

In order to keep the indoor air clean, try to open it 24 hours, especially in the house that has just been renovated, the amount of formaldehyde volatilization is large. The power consumption of mainstream air purifier products generally does not exceed 70W, which is still very energy-saving. It is recommended to continue to use it for a long time.

4. Can a smoker play ash at the air inlet of the air purifier?

Some people have tested the purifying effect of the air purifier and directly shot the soot to the purifier, which is wrong. Even if the purifier has strong suction to absorb the soot, it is a burden on the filter element, and excessive suction of the dust causes the filter to have a reduced service life.

5, the air purifier air outlet as a wind tube

Although the purifier air outlet releases clean air, the purifier is so large that its air inlet is also close to the air outlet. Within 10-20 cm of the purifier, it is often the most polluted place.

6. Does the air purifier use the window or close the window?

In the event of continuous air pollution, the window should be closed first, and the door should be opened as little as possible to create a relatively closed space. In order to prevent no fresh air in the room, you can open the window intermittently or place some green plants indoors to absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen and water, and adjust the indoor air quality.

7. Are the humidifier and air purifier used together?

When the weather is dry or the air conditioner is turned on, the indoor air will be very dry, so many consumers like to buy a humidifier or a humidifying air purifier. In fact, when the humidifier is used together with the purifier, the water mist will interfere with the air quality detector of the purifier. In addition, the use of the humidifier is not correct, it not only can not purify the air but will increase the possibility of respiratory diseases.

8. How often does the air purifier filter change?

Filter-type air purifier, some filter elements can not be cleaned to achieve repeated use, and the service life is generally about six months. Once the filter adsorption area reaches saturation, the machine work efficiency will decrease, and even the risk of secondary pollution, so consumption The filter element should be replaced in time according to the degree of indoor pollution and the product life cycle.

For fear of forgetting to replace the filter element, you can choose an air purifier with a filter reminder function.

9, the preservation of the air purifier

When the air quality is good, you don’t need to go to the purifier. You should remove the purifier filter and clean it. Place it in a cool, ventilated place with the air purifier.

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