Air purifier for spring allergy

Air purifier for spring allergy

According to the American Academy of Allergic Asthma Immunology (AAAAI), seasonal allergic rhinitis or “pollen fever” affects more than 20% of Americans. Many trees, grasses, and weeds contain small, light pollen carried by the wind, and allergic symptoms occur again in spring.

Allergic patients find remission tips during allergic season

Make a thorough spring cleaning window, bookcase and air conditioning vent will collect winter dust and mold, which may lead to allergic symptoms.

Use a new air purifier filter. If you have been operating the air purifier, monitor the adhesion of the filter.

Bath and shampoo before bed – Pollen can be collected in your hair and skin.

Do not leave pets near furniture or outside the bedroom. Pollen will stick to dogs and cats when they go out.

Keep windows closed during peak season and use air conditioning to keep vents away from your face.

When mowing or gardening, wear a filter mask. Contact us for more products and discounted prices
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