air purifier has become a part of our lives.But the problem of air pollution has been going on.

 air purifier manufacturersAir purifier manufacturer stated the air purifier has become part of our lives, because as we use it more and more , gradually its value is also more and more High, of course, with the time pass, we also carry out a further understanding of the hazards of pollution, only to find how lucky we are. If today you have not set up a suitable air purifier, then when you read the following things, I believe you will make a reasonable choice.

air purifier manufacturers

  1. What is the risk of air pollution?

Air pollution can not only through the physical, chemical, biological erosion of the surrounding objects have a devastating impact, and pollution of the gas through the respiratory system (lung), skin and other parts of the skin system, the nervous system, immunity, skin, Liver, endocrine system and other toxic effects. At the same time can affect people’s mental state, prone to fatigue, tension and other adverse reactions, reduce work and study efficiency.

  1. Air pollution has affected our lives.

Living and working in poor air quality conditions, generally cause respiratory function decline, increased respiratory symptoms, and some can lead to chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, emphysema and other diseases, lung cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer prevalence Will increase. In addition, in the indoor environment, especially in poor ventilation, crowded environment, some pathogenic microorganisms easily spread through the air, so that susceptible people infected. Some common viruses, bacteria-induced diseases such as influenza, measles, tuberculosis and other respiratory infections will spread through the air in the room.

In the detection of indoor air, environmental experts found a total of more than 500 kinds of volatile organic compounds, some harmful gas concentration than outdoor ten times or even several times, of which there are more than 20 kinds of carcinogenic substances, more than 200 kinds of pathogenic virus , The World Health Organization survey also shows that the current 68% of the disease are related to indoor air pollution, indoor pollution has become a harm to people’s health “invisible killer.” Even more worrying is that children are more susceptible to indoor air pollution than adults, and the elderly and women are also at high risk for air pollution.

  1. Air purifier manufacturer solutions how should we do when facing to this situation?

Then what is suitable for people’s healthy living environment, what can change the plight of indoor pollution, through the masses with time and practice proved that the air purifier is to improve the indoor air quality of the most scientific and most effective products, but the air Purifier in the market are so various, what kind of air purifier brand will be the best choice?

Air purifier manufacturer stated  since the development of the air purifier so far, we have learned that most of the air purifiers in the market today are hybrid type, because the composite air purifier is the use of multi-layer filter and a variety of purification technology, such an air purifier Will remove, purify a variety of indoor pollutants, the purifier can also release the right amount of negative ions from the most basic to improve the indoor air quality. Therefore, the purchase of air purifier should be a composite air purifier.

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