Air purifier market enters the iteration period

Air purifier market enters the iteration period


There are multiple reasons for the “favored” air purifier products in the Chinese market. There are both internal factors of air pollution problems and media external factors that focus on air quality, and internal and external factors have contributed to the Chinese air purifier market. In 2013, there was explosive growth. The long-term tracking and research findings of Zhongyikang in the industry also confirm this point. The core appeal of Chinese consumers to air purifiers is to remove PM2.5. It can be said that the purification ability is the most popular when Chinese consumers purchase air purifiers. Concerned indicators, large purification (CADR) products are popular with the market in line with this logic.

A reality that cannot be ignored: China is already at the key node of economic development, and is no longer blindly pursuing GDP growth, but also paying more attention to the quality of economic development. In such a large background, the public’s breathing air quality, which is closely related to physical health, is placed in a more prominent position. The “satisfying the people’s need for a better life” mentioned by the Chinese government several times in the 19th National Congress is precisely the manifestation of the popularization and popularization of the Chinese government’s governance of the country, linking the people’s livelihood with the goals and vision of national development. In 2017, we saw the determination and will of the Chinese government to control air pollution. The public also really felt the result – “the sky has turned blue.” This achievement is hard-won and is the result of the joint efforts of many parties. The air purification industry, which is committed to improving the health of the Chinese people, has also made its own contribution.

Another problem has arisen. The air quality is good. Should the air purifier industry withdraw from the stage?

From the historical experience of foreign air quality, the process of air pollution control is a long-term process, which is 20 to 30 years short and 50 or 60 years long. The long-term optimism of the air purification industry is a reference to historical development experience. With the increase of public health awareness, the improvement of air quality requirements is an inevitable trend. The development of product functions in the depth direction has its inherent driving force. In the past, the public paid more attention to PM2.5, and now the pollution sources are more extensive, such as formaldehyde and TVOC. Bacteria, pollen, odor, etc., special populations with serious respiratory diseases, are the driving force behind the development of the industry.

From the development trend of China’s consumer market, with the income growth and the rejuvenation of the main consumer groups, closely tracking and grasping the trends of these consumer groups is a topic of intensive research by brand manufacturers. Air purifiers are also imperative in reducing the image positioning of PM2.5. To meet the needs of different segments of the population, not only need to break through the needs of product design but also need to do more homework in product marketing. Air purifiers are not only for the existence of functional goods but also for the existence of engineering artworks that satisfy their individual demands. This needs to start with the scene design of consumers using products, Chinese consumers need to be guided, their needs can be stimulated, especially in the era of mobile Internet, we are optimistic about the iterative upgrade of the air purification industry, the market development space must Will be further opened. Contact us for more products and discounted prices
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