Air purifiers are only available for purchase.

Air purifiers are only available for purchase.

From the horizontal evaluation of air purifiers in 2013, we completed the industry’s first new national standard horizontal evaluation by 2015. We have evaluated more than 300 air purifiers in these three years.

Reasons for abandoning the 2016 Air Purifier Helping:

1. The air purifier industry has gradually matured, the products have different classifications, and there are different groups of people. We can only create a ranking of 123 for a group of people, which is not entirely reasonable.
2. The new national standard for air purifiers has been very clear and has clear guiding significance for users. If the content we create cannot exceed the new national standard within the scope of the test, then it will also lose its meaning.
However, on the question of how to purchase an air purifier, many people do not know how to choose themselves.

Helping users to purchase is a responsibility for the media industry and the media. So we did something different this year: live video! To introduce the purchase technique of the air purifier in detail.

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We select 11 excellent air purifier products, the price covers 1298 yuan to 10800 yuan, the product types include box, tower and no consumables three types of air purifiers. Here, we will make a simple finishing of this live content.

Two core indicators of air purifiers

The air purifier looks for two core indicators: CADR (clean air purification) and CCM (cumulative purification)

CADR represents the purification performance of the air purifier. The larger the value, the faster the purification rate.
Applicable area: 0.12*CADR

CCM represents the cumulative amount of purification, which is the life of the filter.

Interpretation: CADR and CCM both contain two data of particulate matter (haze) and formaldehyde (decoration pollution), while CADR is measured under the maximum wind speed gear.

How do we understand these two data?
The larger the CADR of the particulate matter, the larger the applicable area, and the better the purification speed;
Formaldehyde CADR, the larger the value, the faster the purification rate. However, the concentration of formaldehyde in the home environment is not high, and the purification of formaldehyde should pay more attention to CCM;
The maximum grade of particulate matter CCM is P4, and the maximum grade of formaldehyde CCM is F4, which we think is not enough to compare products. If you can consult the store customer service, check the percentage of P4 and F4 that are equal to the initial value. For example, the same as the P4 grade, the product with an initial value of 90% is better than the product with an initial value of 70%.

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