Air quality determines the quality of life, the car air purifier should be selected?

Air quality determines the quality of life, the car air purifier should be selected?

According to the latest yellow warning issued by the Central Meteorological Observatory, since mid-Shenzhen, there have been moderate sputum in central and southern Beijing, western Tianjin, central and southern Hebei, most of Henan, north of Shandong, and central and southern Jiangsu. Among them, southern Beijing and Hebei There is severe sputum in the central and northern parts of Henan. From the 10th, the weather in the above areas will gradually weaken or dissipate from north to south.

The haze is annoying and frightening. After all, the fog seems to be mild, but in fact, it contains more than 20 kinds of fine particles and toxic substances harmful to the human body.

For a friend who hates smog, it is safer to wear such a child.

In order to prevent smog from being invaded, citizens often choose to stay indoors, and some people may stay in the car. Then, how to prevent being attacked by harmful gases when exercising in the car?

People often say that air quality determines the quality of life, but everyone has been not too concerned about it. In the face of today’s harsh haze, more and more people are choosing this artifact – the air purifier.

However, in the face of many car air purifier brands on the market, how to choose is also plagued by many riders, the following masters will give you some advice.

It is necessary to consider whether it is convenient and safe to place in the car.

Convenience and safety are the primary considerations. If it is not convenient to place it in the car or there is a safety hazard after placement, no matter how good the air purifier can be selected. This requires attention to the following aspects:
Appearance volume. When purchasing, it is important to choose a machine that can be placed in the car and not easily moved by car.
Manufacturing materials. In general, wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant materials are better than fragile materials.

Consider whether the air purification in the car is comprehensive and efficient.

Convenience and safety are the most basic considerations, and purification is a key determinant. This requires attention to the following aspects:
Purification method. Air purifiers are generally classified into “filter” purification and “ion cluster” purification.
Wind tunnel design. Because there are many “barriers” in the car, if you want to thoroughly purify the air in every part of the car, you need a scientific air duct design.

It is important to note that the choice of appearance should be coordinated with interior decoration and design.

In addition, if the shape of the car air purifier is more artistic, you will also have a good mood all the way to drive, and friends and relatives who see the same air purifier can still be forced to install.

Care should be taken: the car air purifier is relatively simple, and the filter or ion generator can be replaced on time according to the product manual.

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