Among them, air purification is strong at home and abroad.

Among them, air purification is strong at home and abroad.

Air pollution in automobiles, such as spacecraft, as daily contact with people, has become the focus of attention, because the hot spot is environmental air pollution, the increase of cloud, the air purifier has become a hot spot. As a prominent selling point.

Some experts said that at present, more than 95% of activated carbon in domestic air purification products are adsorbed by adsorption technology, and the product quality is obviously different. “When standards are strictly followed, many products will not be sold on the market.” 1 Expert

At the same time, for the current domestic consumers who want to buy foreign air purifiers, some experts say these expensive products in clean air, the effect is not good. “Air conditions at home and abroad are different, for example, the biggest problem is particulate matter, PM 2.5 and so on. These things reduce foreign air cleaners in foreign countries and reduce pollen and other substances for some time. ”

Experts are good at using high-voltage electrostatic precipitation technology to remove particulates, which is currently used for some air purification, but formaldehyde, toluene, and other harmful volatile organic compounds have little impact on removal. Oxygen technology has certain effect on removing harmful volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde and toluene by technology, but the effect is not conducive to removing particulate matter, involving ozone generators; activated carbon adsorption technology has strong adsorption capacity for gasoline, air formaldehyde, toluene, and other gases, particulate matter is limited, but the effect is obvious, there are secondary pollution and absorption saturation; photocatalytic catalytic decomposition technology is practical. Indoor air can absorb harmful volatile gases such as formaldehyde and toluene, but bite into transparent particles, low concentration of formaldehyde, toluene removal effect is not good.

OLANS high-efficiency air purifier can purify harmful substances in the air, such as formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, volatile chlorobenzene and PM2.5, bacteria, viruses, pollen and other

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