Analysis of the trend of future indoor air purifier design

Analysis of the trend of future indoor air purifier design

In recent years, with the improvement of living standards and the intensification of air pollution problems, people are paying more and more attention to the quality of indoor air. Therefore, indoor air purifiers have also received more extensive attention, and many high-quality air purifier products have appeared on the market. For enterprises, it is very important to accurately grasp the preferences of the user population, which is more reflected in the design of indoor air purifiers. Then, the main trend of indoor air purifier design is mainly reflected in which aspect.

From the design point of view, the simple home style is the main trend of indoor air purifier design. As people’s requirements for home environment decoration continue to increase, more factors will be taken into account when purchasing products. For them, the indoor air purifier is not only a functional product but also an accessory that matches the overall home style. With this in mind, the indoor air purifier will be more concerned with the home-style factor in the design and designed according to the user’s aesthetic preferences to meet the user’s personalized aesthetic needs.

From the perspective of functional experience, the convergence trend of various functions is becoming more and more obvious, and the product experience of indoor air purifier design will be more interesting and interesting. The integration of multiple functions is an effective way to innovate product designs. For example, the integration of air purifiers and air humidifiers, the fusion of air purifiers and aromatherapy, etc., through the integration of functions and innovations to give products more fresh vitality, not only can increase the added value of the products and market competition, but also for users. Bring a more practical and rich feature experience. Multi-function air purifiers will appear more in our lives.

Green design has gradually become a trend in the design of indoor air purifiers. Fundamentally, air purifiers can’t solve the problem of air pollution, but the green design can minimize the adverse impact on the environment. For example, this plant air purifier design, built-in high-adsorption and high-decomposition plants, through real-time monitoring of indoor temperature, humidity and air purification index through intelligent maintenance technology, to create an ecological environment that meets plant growth, supplemented by a number of high-tech purification Technology, to achieve the effect of plant ecological purification, to bring people a green and healthy breathing enjoyment, the concept of ecological purification highlights environmental health.

Intelligentization is also the development trend of indoor air purifier design. Advances in smart technology offer greater possibilities for product design innovation. Through intelligent technology, the product is controlled by the intelligent control system, and the integrated intelligent function can be used to intelligently distribute the corresponding purification function according to the pollution degree of the indoor air pollution, the type of pollution, and the pollution original, and the targeted and industrial purification treatment. To make air purification more intelligent and efficient. Smart air purifiers will also be integrated with smart home systems to achieve interconnection, and such products are highly anticipated.

As a professional industrial design company, it can accurately grasp the trend of indoor air purifier design, and according to the unique needs of customers, through design innovation from functions, shapes, materials, processes, man-machines, etc., design to meet customer requirements. Products, and can provide users with good product experience, to meet the user’s personalized use needs and emotional needs.

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