Analyze how the air purifier works

Analyze how the air purifier works

There are many kinds of air purifiers on the market, and the types of wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted are dazzling. In fact, no matter how the shape of the air purifier changes, the working principle is basically the same. Air purifiers are classified according to their working principles and can be roughly divided into three types: 1. Passive adsorption filtration; 2. Active purification; 3. Active + passive dual purification.

Passive adsorption

Passive adsorption filter air purification principle: Passive air purification is the use of a fan to pump air into the machine, through the built-in filter to filter the air, mainly to filter dust, odor, disinfection and so on. This type of filter-type household air purifier uses HEPA filter + activated carbon filter + photocatalyst (cold catalyst, multi-catalyst) + ultraviolet disinfection + electrostatic adsorption filter to process air.
Comments: Passive adsorption air purifier mainly relies on the filter and activated carbon to adsorb impurities and odor. Although the filter is improving continuously, passive air purification is still relatively traditional in terms of its working principle, and the degree of air purification is relatively limited.

Active purification

Active purifying air purifier principle: The active China best air purifier is free from the limitation of the fan and the filter. It is not passively waiting for the indoor air to be pumped into the purifier for filtration and purification, and then discharged through the fan, but it is effective. The active release of the purification and sterilization factor into the air, through the diffuse nature of the air, reaches the air purification without dead angle in all corners of the room.
Comments: The active sterilization principle of this air purifier can be divided into silver ion technology, negative ion technology, low-temperature plasma technology, photocatalytic technology, and plasma ion group ion technology. These technologies can effectively inhibit bacteria and sterilize while filtering impurities, so as to achieve indoor air cleanliness.

Active + passive dual purification

Active + passive dual purification air purification principle: dual purification technology is based on active purification, combined with filter filtration, an air purification method. This type of air purifier is capable of omnidirectional removal of dust, odor and toxic gases in the air.
Comments: The dual purification method is the most popular and the best for indoor air purification. Many well-known air purification brands on the market use dual purification technologies, such as Daile negative ion air purifier (filter + negative ion technology)

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