Bad air quality? Don’t worry, there are a few tricks to teach you to drive away the bad air

Bad air quality? Don’t worry, there are a few tricks to teach you to drive away the bad air

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The air problem has become a hot topic in recent years, and the air has also ‘give face’. From time to time, the police will always keep their own ‘hotness’ and resolutely ‘hot search’.This can be a pain for the people. Every day, besides worrying about eating and drinking, you still have to worry about whether there is a problem with the air you breathe. However, I have some methods to purify the air in my home. You can refer to it. The air problem outside is complicated, but at least when we are at home, let us breathe clean air.

First, ventilation

This method should be the first method that everyone can think of. Keep the indoor air flowing in order to have fresh air. If the position of the door and window is not suitable, it is better to install an exhaust fan or blower. However, if the outside air is not good, it will not work if you change the gas. At this time, don’t open the window, change the difference, why bother…

Second, more sun

The indicators for evaluating air quality are not only dust, particulate matter, etc., but also bacteria, and the ultraviolet rays in sunlight have a certain bactericidal function. At home, the sun is shining, and the bacteria in the indoor air can be effectively eliminated, which is beneficial to the quality of the air. If the room does not have a window, or for other reasons, it is recommended to install an ultraviolet lamp.

Third, pay attention to the room dry humidity

If the room is too dry, it is easy to dust and have an impact on air quality. It can also cause static buildup and conduction in the room, which is harmful to occupants and precision electronic equipment. If the humidity is too large, it will easily lead to mildew and easy breeding of bacteria. Therefore, to maintain a dry and humidity balance at home, it is recommended to install a humidifier and a dehumidification air conditioner in the home.

Fourth, should not be at home to try not to put home

Some things are not suitable for home use, such as gasoline, diesel, paint solvents and other volatile substances, to prevent evaporation into the air to produce pollution. If there is pollution due to these items, especially renovation or renovation, it is necessary to ventilate the room for a sufficient period of time.

Fifth, planting green plants

Some green plants can be planted in the room, such as dripping Guanyin, spider plant, green radish, jellyfish, rubber tree, etc. They have the ability to absorb dust and toxic gases, and are easier to feed. It is worth noting that if it is to be raised in the bedroom, it is not suitable to plant too much, or if it is moved out of the bedroom at night, the plant will release carbon dioxide at night, and if there are too many plants, the carbon dioxide will be released, resulting in poor air quality.

Sixth, air purifier

This is not to be explained, this is the most intuitive and effective method. However, there are many kinds of air purifiers on the market. It is really difficult for people who don’t understand. I recommend an air purifier – OLANSI K09A air purifier, to ensure that your home’s air is refreshed. OLANSI K09A air purifier The CADR value of the particulate matter is 600m3/h, the CADR value of formaldehyde is 391m3/h, the applicable area is 75m2, and the negative ion concentration is 10 million/m3.

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