Beijing has the world’s largest air purifier to fight smog

Beijing has the world’s largest air purifier to fight smog

A heavily polluted fire has attacked the city, taking people into their rooms, and plans to deploy the world’s largest outdoor air purifier, designed by Dutch engineers, in the smoggy capital of Beijing. The last-minute inspection of Beijing 751 D Park Art Zone will be held shortly after the release of Daan Roosegaarde, and tours will be held throughout the country. Non-governmental organizations and Environmental Journalists from the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China.

The tower can capture about 75% of the small particles around PM2.5 and PM10, then release clean air and create “bubbles” of fresh air around it. Since the beginning of October, ozone-free ion technology has been plagued by serious smog in Beijing. The city’s environmental protection department issued a “yellow warning” on air pollution on Tuesday.

“Yellow warning” is the third most serious level in the four-level color-code warning system, red is the most serious, orange is the second most serious, and blue is the most serious pollution level.

Although the average PM2.5 density of deadly contaminated particles is more than 300, and although the cold front cleared the smoke in the morning, CFEJ Secretary-General Liu Guozheng has never forgotten the responsibilities of the authorities, as they said, they intend to warn and urge the masses to gather to fight the smoke.

Every day, he said, the people, blood and others were troubled by the operation of the tower and asked the authorities to contain dangerous sources of pollution.

“The so-called sacred smoke cleaner is like a performing art, and there is little difference in cleaning urban air. It wastes polluted air and exhales the fresh air, but only a few. The air will continue to be polluted, “Sina Weibo users’comments are quoted every day.

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