Beijing’s largest air purifier, the Smoke Freedom Tower, has sparked controversy.

Beijing’s largest air purifier, the Smoke Freedom Tower, has sparked controversy.

Testing in Beijing’s famous 798 Art District, the Smoke Freedom Tower has caused controversy over the intense smog of the past few days.

Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde’s 7-meter-high metal structure was recently introduced into the Chinese capital at the end of September as the world’s largest air purifier for testing and adjustment.

According to the China Youth Daily, the tower has the capacity to purify 30,000 cubic meters of air per hour, capturing at least 75% of PM75 and PM10 particles.

The designer also said that the particles collected in the tower could be processed into black gemstones.

According to expert calculations, it can absorb only 4.5 grams of PM 2.5 per hour on heavily polluted days, which is equivalent to a complete salt. Newspaper reports.

“It would be better to cover the construction site with a piece of cloth,” said one expert.

According to He Jijiang of Tsinghua University, there are also various smoke prevention facilities.

But he said the smoke facilities were experimental and could not solve potential problems.

At noon on Tuesday, Beijing was again shrouded in smog. The concentration of particulate matter in the air continued to rise. Heavy pollution lasted 19 hours from noon on Wednesday.

Six monitoring sites in the capital reported serious pollution and continued to deteriorate. The Beijing Meteorological Bureau issued a yellow air pollution warning Wednesday and the fifth warning in early October. It became.

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