Can an air purifier remove formaldehyde in the room?

Can an air purifier remove formaldehyde in the room?

Can a household air purifier remove formaldehyde in the room?

On a hot afternoon, Mr. Zhang, who was sweating, returned home from the outside. I was about to turn on the air conditioner. Suddenly, a pungent smell came over and it felt a bit like formaldehyde. Mr. Zhang wondered: The house has been renovated for a long time. At that time, it did not smell any special taste. Where did the smell come from now? Mr. Zhang decided to find the source of formaldehyde. I recalled that a friend bought a formaldehyde tester two days ago, so I immediately called to ask my friend to borrow and test it myself.

After getting the formaldehyde tester, Mr. Zhang hurriedly turned on the tester switch. The value on the tester instantly climbed to 0.15 mg/m3, and the maximum allowable concentration of formaldehyde in the indoor air of residents was 0.08 mg/m3, which indicates that the formaldehyde content of Mr. Zhang’s home has exceeded the standard.

Unexpected Mr. Zhang held a formaldehyde tester and read the “seeking the entanglement of the dragon, the entanglement is a heavy pass”, and continued to search for the source of formaldehyde. When passing through a cabinet, the value was found. Suddenly increased – this is the cabinet he bought six months ago.

At the moment when the door of the cabinet came, Mr. Zhang, who had come to the smell of formaldehyde, burst into a cough and a heart. This cabinet is a display cabinet, usually not open very much, plus the indoor temperature in summer is high, the study does not often open air conditioning, a large amount of formaldehyde accumulates in the cabinet. Mr. Zhang pinched his nose and put the tester in the cupboard, and then carefully closed the door. A few minutes later, Mr. Zhang burst into tears and found that the formaldehyde reading on the instrument was stable at 1.76 mg/m3, and the reading was even as high as 2.08 mg/m3, which was a serious explosion. The cabinet that Mr. Zhang asked to come back half a year ago is a gas cabinet.

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