Can I put an air purifier in my baby room? Does volume occupy the place?

Can I put an air purifier in my baby room? Does volume occupy the place?

An air purifier can be placed. However, be cautious when choosing, because most of the air purifiers on the market not only have no effect on purification but also bring many problems in the process of use, such as air purification of a filter and fresh air systems. Because of its purification principle, the built-in fan of the machine is used to pump the dirty air in the room into the machine. When the dust in the air collides against the filter net, the layer of the filter is blocked by the layer, and some large particles of dust are blocked in the filter. In the net, in order to achieve the role of purifying the air. Therefore, in order to achieve a good purification effect, it will increase the rotation of the fan with more power, and the noise of the air purifier will also increase. The noisy noise environment has a very negative impact on your baby. Infants and young children’s central nervous system has not yet fully developed, long-term stimulation of noise, will damage brain cells, hinder the baby’s ability to develop language, recognition, intelligence, reaction, and judgment. It will also affect the sleep of infants and young children, reduce the body hormones and promote the secretion of high endocrine hormones, thus affecting the baby’s height development.
It’s good to use it. It’s good to use the space. My family’s brand is large. The square is the same as the one under the desk. It can also be used as a walking bedside table. The bookshelf is Best of all. Because the whole body of the machine is made of aluminum alloy, the air duct is also the front and rear air outlet mode, and the air is blown out before the wind enters the air. Therefore, placing the objects on the top does not hinder the normal use of the machine.
At present, the negative ion air purifier using the eco-negative ion generation chip technology and the nano-fullerene negative ion release technology avoids the noise problem while purifying, because it uses the above two technologies to generate a small equivalent to nature. Particle size, high-activity ecological grade negative ions, no need to use a fan, running zero noise. And support all-day purification, late zero consumables maintenance costs. To achieve common three-state pollution (chemical pollution, microbial pollution, and physical pollution) treatment. At the same time, the ecological-grade negative ions generated are important for the mental development of infants. Therefore, for the choice of air purifier for children must choose zero noise, purification of strong purification products.

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