Can’t tell the central air conditioning, fresh air system, air purifier? This tells you

Can’t tell the central air conditioning, fresh air system, air purifier? This tells you

Since winter
The sky is gray
Outdoor air quality is worrying
The recent sudden cooling of the weather also forced the dog to hide indoors all day.
I don’t want to go out with air conditioning
I don’t want to open the window for anything.
But time is long, kitchen fumes, decoration pollution
There is also exhaled carbon dioxide
But let the dog be groggy every day.

After all, it is a pet
The dizzy dog ​​succeeded in attracting the attention of the next lady.
“Dog, the fresh air system know?”
“What is the fresh air system?
Is that the air purifier similar to the central air conditioner? ”

“NoNoNo, central air conditioning, air purifier, and fresh air system
But three different things.”
Do you have the same question as to the dog?
Then take the time to eat an apple and study together.

Central air conditioning: indoor temperature regulation

Air conditioning is one of the most common appliances in our lives.
As a northern dog, the dog can only rely on air conditioning in the south.
Central air conditioning is also a type of air conditioning
Is by a host through the air duct over the wind or hot and cold water pipe
Connect multiple ends to control different rooms
Air conditioning system for indoor air conditioning purposes
Simply put, it is installed inside the ceiling.
An invisible air conditioner that intelligently controls multiple rooms

Central air conditioning, rapid cooling, good cooling effect
And the air is gentle and even
In the hot summer and cold winter
Can bring the comfortable indoor temperature
However, the main function of central air conditioning is the adjustment of indoor temperature.
Generally speaking, there is no effect of improving indoor air quality.

Air Purifier: Filtering indoor air

The air purifier is purified by internal circulation adsorption filtration.
It can directly filter particulate matter in the air like a sieve
Then produce clean air quickly and efficiently

Fresh air system: indoor and outdoor air circulation

Many people think that the fresh air system is
Combination of air purifier and central air conditioner
Actually not
The core function of the fresh air system is to achieve the circulation of indoor and outdoor air.
Fresh air system is powered by the air supply system and exhaust system
a set of independent air handling systems
When using the fresh air system
Indoor turbid air is discharged to the outside through the exhaust vent
Outdoor fresh air enters the room through the filter box and air inlet
Thereby ensuring the circulation of indoor air
Achieve ventilation and ventilation without opening the window
It should be noted that the fresh air system does not have the function of temperature regulation.
Cannot adjust the indoor temperature

Fresh air system is the same as an indoor  air purifier
Has the effect of improving indoor air quality
The most fundamental difference between the two is:
✔The air purifier is a circulating filter to purify the air inside the house
The new air system realizes indoor and outdoor air circulation through the exhaust and air supply ducts, and at the same time purifies the air that is sent in, and realizes full heat exchange.

air purifier

Fresh air system

Household fresh air system types

The fresh air system currently on the market can be divided into
Pipeline fresh air system (central fresh air) and ductless fresh air system

Non-pipeline new fans include wall-mounted new fans and wall-type new fans
The wall-mounted fan is mounted on the wall
Simple installation, small space occupation, not affected by the renovation
Wall-mounted machines can also be installed in renovated houses.

Wall-type new fan adopts the installation method of punching holes in the wall
The ventilation concept of the wall-type new fan is continuous ventilation for 24 hours.
The air volume is generally small and the noise is very small.

In the Panasonic fresh air system, the system is usually built with a total heat exchanger. So what is a total heat exchanger?

The total heat exchanger is a kind of
Fresh air and exhaust ventilation equipment
The core component of Panasonic’s total heat exchanger is the heat exchange element.
Dirty air discharged indoors and fresh air sent in outdoors
Exchange of temperature and humidity by heat exchange of protons
Thereby achieving the effect of ventilation
And can maintain indoor temperature and humidity stability

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