Car pollution and health

Car pollution and health

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With the increasing number of civilian vehicles, cars have gradually become one of the main living spaces for car owners. Compared with the importance of automobile exhaust pollution, the pollution inside the car is often ignored. This article briefly describes the pollution inside a home car.

Where does the pollution inside the car come from?

In general, there are three main sources of pollution in domestic cars:
First, interior parts such as artificial leather and textiles in the car, such as carpets, roof felts and cushions, contain a lot of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and xylene. The indoor air monitoring center of the Interior Decoration Association has tested 200 vehicles. According to the indoor air quality standards, it is found that nearly 90% of the cars have air formaldehyde or benzene content exceeding the standard, and most of the vehicles have five times the formaldehyde standard. Above, the air quality in the new car is the worst.

Second, if the car air conditioner evaporator does not carry out cleaning and care for a long time, it will produce harmful substances such as amines and bacteria, resulting in poor air quality or even lack of oxygen in the car. The smell of carbon monoxide and gasoline produced by automobile engines will also degrade the air quality inside the car.

Third, the gas exhaled by the human body and the smell and dander generated by the body, accumulated in the closed car, can not be emitted or removed, and the air quality inside the car will also be degraded.

What is the danger of pollution inside the car?

The study found that after the new car leaves the factory, the concentration of harmful gases in the car is high and the volatilization time can last for more than 6 months. During this period, some drivers who drive will feel unwell and even cause a car accident. It is also reported that there are a large number of bacteria and harmful substances such as amines and nicotine in the car, which may cause dizziness, nausea, sneezing and other symptoms, and even cause diseases; especially when the windows are closed and the fresh air volume is insufficient. Drivers may experience dizziness, drowsiness, coughing, etc. when driving, or make them feel depressed and irritated, unable to concentrate, not only endangering the health of drivers and passengers, but also endangering the safety of passers-by.

How to prevent and control pollution inside the car?

The prevention and control of pollution inside the car must start from the following aspects:
First of all, it is necessary to verify whether the decorative materials such as plastic parts, roof felts, seats and floor mats installed by automobile manufacturers meet environmental protection standards;

Secondly, don’t arbitrarily decorate the car, and you can’t introduce pollution sources such as inferior car accessories into the car in order to get the “gift decoration” and other benefits;

In addition, the easiest and most effective way is to open the window and keep the inside of the car ventilated; regularly clean the interior of the car and pay attention to the interior trim of the car.

Tip: Today, most air conditioning ventilation systems in the car are equipped with air filters only at the air inlets and outlets for simple primary filtration. Therefore, in order to maintain the cleanliness in the cabin, the owner can be in the cabin. Add an air purifier.
As people spend more and more time in the car, in order to avoid the pollution inside and outside the car, it is hoped that you will pay attention to and pay attention to improving the environment inside the car, enjoying both comfort and health.

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