“China Air Purifier Industry White Paper (2019)” released

“China Air Purifier Industry White Paper (2019)” released

The “White Paper on China’s Air Purifier Industry (2019)” released in Beijing recently pointed out that in addition to formaldehyde, it is becoming a breakthrough point in the transformation and upgrading of the air-net industry. The report compiled by the big data company Aowei Cloud Network (AVC) and other institutions show that in 2018, China’s air purifier market was 11.67 billion yuan, down 28% year-on-year. The sales penetration rate of high-efficiency formaldehyde removal products (formaldehyde CADR ≥ 200) reached 18.5%.
Reduced smog
On May 24th, sponsored by China Household Electrical Appliances Association, Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association, Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association Air Clean Equipment Committee, Air Purifier (China) Industry Alliance, Beijing Aowei Cloud Network Big Data Technology The “2019 China Air Purifier Industry Summit and China Air Purifier Industry White Paper Conference” hosted by the company was held in Beijing, and the “China Air Purifier Industry White Paper (2019)” was released, aiming to guide the industry to a stable Sustainable development.
The summit focused on the theme of “winning the aldehydes and winning the market and enjoying the rebirth of innovation”, and conducted in-depth exploration and discussion on the performance of the past air purifier market, future technology, and market development trends. Experts at the conference said that the air purifier market is currently at low tide, and the overall industry is suffering from a sharp drop in consumer demand. Enterprises are also actively looking for new demand points, such as formaldehyde-free air purifiers, which are products that consumers really need. It is a product that can adapt to the needs of the market and bring about industry growth. In the future, industry organizations will assist production companies in the development of relevant standards and events, and promote the transformation and development of enterprises. The summit issued a heavyweight “China Air Purifier Industry White Paper (2019)” to guide the industry to stable and sustainable development.
The bad weather conditions of the past few years have made the empty net industry of “depending on the sky” expand rapidly. Since 2018, China’s environmental governance has continued to deepen, weather conditions have improved significantly, consumers’ panic buying behavior has ended, and it has begun to enter the era of rational purchase.
The haze is reduced, and the aldehyde is new. Faced with changes in the situation and demand, air purifiers are actively looking for new demand points. The problem of interior decoration in China has been prominent, and the rate of formaldehyde exceeding the standard is high. Coupled with the impact of unexpected events, consumers “except aldehyde” Consciousness is further awakened. The formaldehyde release cycle is long. Except that formaldehyde is systematic and long-term work, the formaldehyde air purifier is just in line with this characteristic, and it can be used for a long time. As a result, the future of the air purifier is still limitless.
Functional improvement
From January to April 2019, the market size of the air purifier was 2.94 billion yuan, down 21.5% year-on-year, and the market’s downward trend was obvious. In terms of products, in addition to formaldehyde purification and penetration rate continues to rise, but the product price is higher, the technology is mainly adsorption, there is still a large room for development in the future.
At present, the development status of air purifier products: After the introduction of formaldehyde-removing products, enterprises are constantly looking for new consumption pain points and launching more products that meet market needs.
In order to further explore the industry situation, experts at the meeting exchanged views on the status quo and development expectations of the industry. They agreed that although the formaldehyde function is not a new function, the technology has been updated to meet the needs of consumers. With the advancement of technology, the function of formaldehyde removal will be further improved and the effect will be continuously improved.
For the development of air purifiers, experts who participated in the discussion believe that people’s pursuit of healthy quality life has no end, which means that consumers’ demand for air purifier products will continue to increase, and the market prospects are still worth looking forward to.
The newly released “White Paper on China’s Air Purifier Industry (2019)” shows that at present, the air purifier industry is at the stage of bottom-side adjustment. The “White Paper” concluded that after the explosive growth, the brands and products of air purifiers on the market were uneven. After rapid development, there were problems such as single product function, uneven brand, weak after-sales service, and poor product stability. In the future, industry standards will be more standardized, product functions will be more diversified, policy subsidies will be in place, consumer awareness will increase, and the potential of the air purifier industry should not be underestimated.
Lu Jianguo, the deputy chief engineer of the China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute and director of the Institute of Test and Measurement Technology, explained in detail the standards and industry standards for air purifiers at the summit. Lu Jianguo said that standards can not only regulate the manufacturing behavior and benign competition of enterprises but also play a role in guiding consumers to purchase.
Industry observers pointed out that the decline of the air purifier industry after the outbreak of growth is a pain in development and will not affect the overall industry to move forward steadily. With the development of the social economy and the awareness of residents’ healthy living, the future development of the air purifier industry is huge, and the industry will eventually move toward a benign development path.

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