Cleaning up Air: Air Pollution in Hangzhou

Cleaning up Air: Air Pollution in Hangzhou

Air pollution in Hangzhou

“In Hangzhou, you don’t have to worry too much about air pollution.” “Northeast” is a serious problem in Beijing and Shanghai. ”

Although Hangzhou’s air pollution is a serious problem, in fact, in most studies, due to the low air quality, Hangzhou has been listed as one of the metropolitan areas. According to a study, Hangzhou has become the 24th most polluted city in China, Shanghai [iii]. Of more than a million people, our position in China’s most polluted cities is surprisingly high.

The annual intake of PM at 2.5 level (microgram per cubic meter) was observed. The respiratory volume of Hangzhou residents was about 66.1 ug/m3, which was 2.5 times that of WHO standard 25 hours/24 hours. To some extent, the average annual average of PM 2.5 in Paris in 2008 was only 22.9 micrograms/cubic meters, but in March 2015, when Parisians were much higher than air quality, the peak 10 levels of PM were 120 micrograms/m3. [v] At the end of December 2015, when Iran closed its air pollution alliance, the AQI was 132. According to an. org’s report at the time of writing this article on Sunday, 17 January, a very common Sunday is that it may reach more than 200, between 104 and 150. This is a fairly standard day in Hangzhou.

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