Cleansing instrument

Cleansing instrument

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Cleansing instrument is a kind of cleansing artifact, also known as a face brush, but it has never been heard before! It mainly uses the principle of current, micro-vibration and ultrasonic to make the fine hair on the washing brush vibrate. In addition to the friction cleaning effect, it also plays a certain role in massage and promotes the circulation of facial skin. In theory, moderate use is good, but normal skin cleaning does not require the use of a cleansing device every day. Excessive use can cause a series of skin problems.

Nowadays, the cleansing instrument on the market is divided into a brush head and a silicone head. The brush head will cause some minor trauma to the skin while cleaning, and it is not suitable for problematic skin such as acne, folliculitis and facial dermatitis, so as not to aggravate. Infection and trauma, people with normal skin should not be used more than once a week. The silicone head cleansing instrument is relatively mild and is generally recommended to be used 1-2 times a week.

Low-speed (300 rev / min), silicone head cleansing instrument is also not recommended for daily use, 1-2 times / week, each wash does not exceed 1 minute, although it will not damage the epidermal cells of the skin, the more wash The thinner the situation. For cleansing instruments higher than 300 rpm, it is not recommended for routine use. It is recommended to use oily skin only once or twice a week.

Cleansing instrument is a physical method, which can only remove the keratinocytes on the surface of the skin, but the oil inside the pores can not be removed. Improper use can also cause small skin wounds, aggravating acne, folliculitis and so on.

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