Composite air purifier to remove PM2.5, formaldehyde, TVOC, Pollen. Or with humidity function at the same time, has gradually become the mainstream.

Composite air purifier to remove PM2.5, formaldehyde, TVOC, Pollen. Or with humidity function at the same time, has gradually become the mainstream.


The wave of China’s consumption upgrade is rapidly spreading to the entire air purifier industry. With the increase of health awareness, people’s diversified needs have become more pronounced. In the past, single-function products have slowly withdrawn from the stage of history. On the contrary, functional air purifiers have gradually become the mainstream of the market. As the first brand of environmental appliances in the hearts of young consumers, Olansi know the update consumers needs deeply. Through continuous innovation and product upgrades, it has successfully touched thousands of consumers and firmly occupied the new normal air purifier market.

Comprehensive management needs “upper”, market demand for all-round products

Undoubtedly, the rise of China’s air-to-ground market stems from the outbreak of haze, so that in the past five years, many manufacturers are using the single function of removing PM2.5 as the main selling point, due to fear of haze, such products It is indeed the user’s “grace.” However, along with the trend of consumption upgrades spreading throughout the country, more and more rational consumers are starting to pursue more comprehensive purification capabilities besides formaldehyde, toluene, and TVOC. This requires air purifiers to carry out products based on consumer demand. Transformation.

According to the data, since the second half of last year, consumer demand for PM2.5 in air purifiers has started to decline. By the end of the third quarter, Volkswagen’s attention to this function has dropped to 24%. At the same time, consumers are concerned. In addition to the attention of formaldehyde has been increasing, reaching 40%. Based on the sublimation of market demand, the environmentally friendly brand :Olansi, which is popular among young consumers, has actively sought to upgrade its products in an all-round way and has spurred a revolutionary horn in the industry.

In the view of Olansi, the consumption upgrade has made Chinese residents care more about respiratory health. Indoor pollution has caused them to attach great importance. In addition to PM2.5, consumers now pay more attention to formaldehyde removal, TVOC, secondhand smoke, and The function of odor and other functions is not difficult to predict. The composite air purifier capable of comprehensively purifying indoor air will be the focus and focus of the development of air net enterprises in the next few years. To this end, Olansi will focus on new user needs and is committed to creating a new product structure that is more in line with current Chinese families.


Adhere to the concept of younger brand and lead the trend of China’s air purifier industry

In the super-changing market, Olansi is always keenly aware of the industry’s development trend. Previously, in response to the rapid rise of young consumer groups represented by the 1980s and 1990s, Olansi decisively established the brand concept of “Young, Smart Home Appliances Leader” and actively transformed into a young and intelligent strategy. At present, based on the new brand image and new market demand, the products of the Olansi brand have also been successfully implemented.

Industry insiders pointed out that the changes in market demand brought about by consumption upgrades are making the entire air purifier industry face new choices, and the all-room environmental solutions necessary for the future Chinese families have been “on the line”. As the leading brand in the industry, Olansi takes the user’s growing awareness of health as the starting point, and uses continuous technological innovation and product quality upgrade to bring different usage scenarios and experiences to consumers, once again standing in the industry  front end.

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