Congratulations to Olansi for winning the title of Guangzhou R&D institution

Congratulations to Olansi for winning the title of Guangzhou R&D institution


Recently, Olansi has obtained the Guangzhou Enterprise Research and Development Organization certificate issued by Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Committee. The company passed the expert review with excellent R&D capability, a large amount of R&D investment and high-output independent intellectual property rights. And finally won the honorary title.

The Enterprise Research and Development Organization is a carrier of technological innovation organization with independent research and development capabilities, a basic platform for enterprise technology innovation, and a backbone for improving independent innovation capabilities.

This award is both an affirmation of the innovation and research work of Olansi, and a powerful impetus for the development and transformation of the results of the company. This has great significance for the expansion of the business of the Olansi health industry and the enhancement of its core competitiveness. It will help to enhance its brand image and enterprise R&D investment, enhance the independent innovation capability of the company, and at the same time lay a solid research foundation for the company’s strategic development.

This time, it was successfully approved by the Guangzhou Enterprise Research and Development Organization, which is the recognition and encouragement of the Guangzhou Municipal Government for the technology research and development and innovation of the company. In the future, under the guidance of relevant government policies, Olansi will continue to use the principle which Technology makes you healthier, and strive to promote the iterative and application of health and environmental protection technology, increase R&D investment, technological innovation, and continuously upgrade and transform. To enhance the core competitiveness of the company, not forgetting the initial heart, moving forward, and giving back to society with better business development. Olansi is the best suppliers of air purifier.

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