Daily maintenance of water purifier, how much do you know?

Daily maintenance of water purifier, how much do you know?

If you want the water purifier to serve us for a long time,
Do you know the skills of daily maintenance of water purifiers?
The right maintenance tips must be there!

Avoid direct sunlight

Plastic machines should be protected from direct sunlight to avoid cracking and long moss.

Avoid heat source

Do not place the water purifier too close to the heat source to avoid the high temperature affecting the life of the water purifier and the filter element.

Regular cleaning and replacement of filter elements

In order to better protect the filtration effect, it is necessary to clean the filter element in time. Different filter elements have different service lives (usually the filter element can be used for up to one year depending on the local water quality). If it exceeds the service life, it is recommended to replace it immediately to ensure high-quality drinking water.

Tap water treatment

If tap water is stopped or the tap water tower is cleaned, the tap water discharged for the first time will have a lot of impurities such as rust and sediment. To avoid contamination of the filter element by unknown impurities, please do not use filtered water at this time. You can open the tap to let the tap water flow out until it is restored. Filter water was used in the original water quality.

Not at home for a long time

If you go out for a long time (no one at home), it is recommended to take out the filter element and let it dry in a ventilated place. Don’t keep it in the water all the time.

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