Development prospects of hydrogen-rich aquatic industry

Development prospects of hydrogen-rich aquatic industry

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“Water quality determines constitution”, but few people can really understand the importance of water to life and health. Therefore, some people call water “forgotten nutrients”. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 80% of diseases and 1/3 of human deaths in developing countries are attributed to water. Professor Li Fuxing, Director of China Health Drinking Water Professional Committee, suggested that the water we normally drink or use would indeed shorten our lives. Good water determines life.

Hydrogen-rich water is not only clean, hydrogen has energy, water is a small molecule of living water mass, negative ions deep absorption of 80%, purification of blood, make blood unblocked, metabolic vigorous, prevent a variety of diseases, improve human health.

Economic performance

With the diversification of market consumption demand and the enhancement of health care consciousness, consumers pay more and more attention to the health elements of products when they consider simply quenching thirst and summer resort. If the products can bring about physical health, they will be more popular. Therefore, in the future development of drinking water, they will gradually change from single quenching thirst and summer resort to health. Health, nutrition, beauty and other changes. Hydrogen-rich water beverage is expected to become a new favorite and mainstream development trend in the beverage market.

Hydrogen ions in hydrogen-rich water can neutralize excess reactive oxygen species (H2+O=H2O) in vivo to form water, which is excreted with urine in vitro to help cell metabolism. Safe, green and environmental protection has no toxic and side effects on human body, and there is no clear contraindication and contraindication group. The industrialization of hydrogen-rich water conforms to the development trend of “nutrition, hygiene and convenience” in China’s food industry.

Hydrogen-rich water will have a certain position in the field of beverage and health food in the future. It can not only be used as people’s daily drinking water.

It can also be used as raw materials and ingredients for nutritional supplements or functional foods. If added to baby food, beauty mask can enhance children’s immunity, help women skin whitening, eliminate senile plaques.

Hydrogen-rich water has high nutritional function and development and utilization value, which accords with the development trend of “nutrition, hygiene and convenience” in food industry.

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