Do not buy the water purifier! The reason is…

Do not buy the water purifier! The reason is…

Is the boss cheap?

Is it cheaper than this?

Is there anything cheaper?

This is what we often encounter;

When we come up with cheap products, the next question will appear;

What is the difference between this and that?

What about quality?

How long can the cheapest be kept?

This should not be a problem?

The old ancestors said: “One point, one price”

Authentic beef can never sell the price of cabbage;

The water purifier is the same, many people choose the water purifier;

Will value some gifts other than water purifiers, etc.;

But in the end, I found that the quality of the water purifier is not good, and I can’t say it;

In fact, one thing that the water purifier is most afraid of is this;

Yes, it is the water hammer effect;

This is a very terrible existence;

Some products are low in price, so they must be based on cost;

For example, the filter bottles, pipe fittings and pipes in our water purifier. .

These are all very important components of a water purifier;

Image from the book “Water Purifier Dictionary”

The wall thickness is different and the pressure is different;

This is the simplest example;

In reality, there are also many consumers who choose some non-standard products because they are cheap.

The resulting problems can only be compensated and undertaken by themselves;

If the filter element has insufficient pressure, or the filter element has too much water pressure, it will cause water leakage.

Quick joints and water pipes can not be trivial, water pressure is large, leading to water leakage

The water inlet tee is too bad, can not withstand the high water pressure at night, causing damage and leakage

So when choosing a water purifier, don’t be tempted to be cheap;

Be sure to choose a regular brand;

Choose a brand with excellent quality;

Avoid economic losses and economic disputes caused by wrong choices;

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