Do vegetables really have so many pesticide residues?

Do vegetables really have so many pesticide residues?

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Whether there are pesticide residues in vegetables has always been a concern of people. Although green planting has been advocated for a long time, many people still like to use pesticides when growing vegetables. Due to the spraying method of pesticides and the special structure of some vegetables, the level of pesticide residues in different parts of vegetables is naturally different.

When spraying pesticides, it is often a top-down spray. This type of spraying causes the spilled pesticide to continually slide down into the vegetables and vegetables in the vegetable buds due to the effect of gravity. In particular, vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, which have a very complex physiological structure, may contain a large amount of pesticides on each level.

If the pesticide is sprayed on the leaves of the vegetables, after a period of sun exposure and the wind is blown dry, these pesticide components will continue to decompose and decrease. However, the pesticide components hidden in the vegetable cultivar and the vegetable stalk are different. Under the layered coating, it can neither be broken down by the sunlight nor blown by the wind. In the long run, it will naturally lead to the most pesticides in the dish and the vegetable stalk.

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