Do you know the role of the water purifier?

Do you know the role of the water purifier?

About the water, the purifier is now something that every household must install. The lack of water on the earth has made the quality of today’s groundwater worse and worse. If there is no water purifier at home, it seems that it is difficult to drink pure tap water. But in life, the existence of household water purifiers can really purify tap water to the point where it can be directly consumed. So what are the real rhetoric about the home water purifier? What are the mistakes?

First of all, the slogan advocated by the manufacturer said that 100% of the clarification, the water purification effect of the water purifier can really achieve the promise of the manufacturer? The answer is no, although the water purifier is called water purifier, its clean water The effect is not as exaggerated as it is said. Water purifiers often remove impurities from the slurry through adsorption and filtration devices, but when it comes to drinking directly, it is impossible to filter out all the microorganisms inside the water.

There are also some unscrupulous merchants who even claim that the water purifier is a functional water purifier that can purify the water to the point where it can cure all diseases. What the manufacturer said is the left ear and the right ear. The water purifier is blown high again. The water purifier is only a clean water object. Its pure water is through physical effects, and it can’t reach all the substances in the 100% filtered water. Staying, the magical effect of removing all the substances.

So in the end, what is the role of the water purifier? Today, explain the three main functions of the water purifier. First of all, the water purifier can remove the odor. Many times when we drink tap water, the first reaction is why we feel the rust smell in the water, the smell of sand and gravel, and even the smell of fish. It is derived from most of the pollution of groundwater, although it can reach the point of drinking, today’s groundwater has lost its proper taste compared to the previously sweet mountain spring groundwater.

The way to remove the taste of the water purifier is very physical and scientific, and one of the processes is to add it inside, but it is also easy to remove some chemicals so that the tap water can be restored after purification by the water purifier. Sweet and clear taste.

The second function of the water purifier is to remove impurities. Many people know that the water purifier is actually to let the impurities in the water be fully filtered and absorbed, giving us safer drinking water, and the specifications of these impurities are large. Everything is small. After a long period of time, the filtration system inside the water purifier also needs to be replaced regularly. But don’t think of these features too magically. It is something that can purify rust, silt, algae.

Then the last part of the water purifier is to remove the bacteria. The water purifier is the reverse osmosis principle that can remove a large part of the bacteria. It can absorb the bacteria in the water to the place where it should go, thus decomposing better and better. Good quality water, let us drink. So is there really a need to install a water purifier at home? In fact, it can be separated according to people’s living standards and quality. If you feel that you want to give your family a higher quality and healthy life, then installing a water purifier is for you. A very necessary thing. However, if the filter element cannot be replaced in time after installation, or if there is no repair and maintenance for a long time, it will nourish more bacteria, so it is necessary to properly consider this problem.

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