Do you need an air purifier in the summer? Life is telling you!

Do you need an air purifier in the summer? Life is telling you!

As soon as summer arrives,
Air conditioning is used frequently,
But shut the air purifier!
Is the air purifier
Is it really a seasonal home appliance?
Do you not need to use an air purifier in summer?
Maybe a lot of people will think,
The outdoor smog is serious in autumn and winter.
The air quality in the room should also be poor, but once in the summer,
The outdoor smog is gone,
Is it more necessary to use an air purifier in the room?
The answer is yes. ‍

Hear what the experts say ‍
Ms. Wang Ping, a professor of respiratory diseases at the 306 Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army, told reporters that indoor air pollution will increase 40% of ischemic heart disease, 40% of strokes, 11% of chronic lung diseases and 6% of lung cancer. Although the air is invisible and undetectable, air pollution has seriously affected human health.

Closed indoor pollution in summer
The Health Education Association has also issued a report stating that summer is a season of high-sensitivity during the year, and indoor air pollution is four to five times higher than outdoor. Summer is the peak period of using air conditioners. While enjoying the cool breeze in a closed air-conditioned room, it ignores the pollution of indoor air and has seriously jeopardized our physical and mental health.

Summer temperature rises, formaldehyde release accelerates
In summer, the air purifier first needs to go to formaldehyde to have a good effect. In summer, the temperature rises, formaldehyde enters the active period of volatilization, and the concentration of formaldehyde in the new house increases, and the phenomenon of excessive formaldehyde appears. Every room temperature rises at home

Indoor air conditioning pollution
The indoor air is not circulating, and the accumulation of pollutants is increased. In summer, the temperature is high. People turn on the air conditioner to cool down and close the doors and windows. The indoor air is dull, the temperature is high and humid, and the release rate of pollutants will be accelerated. If the doors and windows are closed for a long time, the pollutants will be closed. It cannot be effectively volatilized. Over time, family members may experience dizziness, nausea, coughing, and even difficulty breathing. Second, the humid and high-temperature environment also increases the chance of biological contamination. A domestic survey shows that 21% of indoor air quality problems are caused by microbial contamination, mainly including bacteria, fungi, pollen, viruses, etc., which may cause respiratory diseases such as allergies and asthma. Again, all types of home appliances and daily activities have increased indoor PM2.5 pollution. The Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention has shown that smoking in the room can increase the PM2.5 value by 12 times. If there are other human activities such as cooking, the concentration of PM2.5 will increase greatly. ‍

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