Do you understand these misunderstandings about the use of air purifiers?

Do you understand these misunderstandings about the use of air purifiers?

With the rapid economic development and the steady improvement of people’s living quality, various high-tech products have gradually filled people’s living space. According to the data, the number of people using air purifiers in China has reached more than 30 million. As excellent household appliances that started before health, many families now choose to use air purifiers.

With the existence of air purifiers, many consumers do not know enough about them. However, air purifiers are “babies” in large families. It is also a very powerful guarantee of health, and there are still some misunderstandings in the daily use process.

When replacing filters, people often ask if clean water can be turned on when the air is seriously polluted. Is the location of the purification device required? …

Today, we briefly summarize some common air purifier misunderstandings, in order to avoid these misunderstandings, and use our air purifier purification effect to achieve a greater effect.

01. Does the air purifier need to be turned on for a short time?

On smog days, many people think their home air purifiers can be turned on for an hour or two. In fact, PM2.5 and other particles are only one-twentieth the size of human hair and can enter the room from cracks and doors, windows and walls.

The air purifier can not only remove PM2.5, formaldehyde but also formaldehyde, benzene, dust, tobacco, hair, odor, bacteria, and other harmful gases.

These neglected sources of pollution are potential killers of human health. Household air purifiers are not temporary devices that only open for one to two hours. Olansi air purifier can be cleaned and maintained for a long time, so it is necessary to choose an air purifier that supports 24-hour start-up to clean indoor air.


Does opening the air purifier all day consume a lot of machine life?

The quality of air purifiers in the market is uneven. The number of unqualified products used more frequently affects the life of product filters. Air purifier brings you considerable purification effect but also gives you a long service life.

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