Do you want to open the window when using an air purifier?

Do you want to open the window when using an air purifier?

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Speaking of air purifiers, everyone is familiar. Whether it is the pressure of smog or the danger of formaldehyde, I believe many people have already bought one. In the process of using, some users may have a question. After using the air purifier, Do you want to open the window to ventilate?

Some people will think that since you can purify the air, if you open the window, even if the outdoor pollution comes in, it is not the same purification. There is a cognitive misunderstanding here. When you open the doors and windows, although there will be new air coming in, in fact, many pollutants will also enter the room, and it will continue to enter the room, in this case, purification After that, the clean air will only be swallowed up by the dirty air, which greatly affects the effect of the air purifier.

As we all know, the air purifier is a device for circulating indoor air. In theory, it is necessary to close the doors and windows for use. But there will be a problem here. There is no input of fresh air. The air in the room is clean again, and it will also have a dull feeling. Once the personnel are intensive, the carbon dioxide will definitely exceed the standard. Such problems are indeed very troublesome. After all, it is related to the physical and mental health of yourself and your family.

Although the use of an air purifier to open the window can affect the purification effect, we can perform proper window ventilation. This will avoid excessive carbon dioxide. However, the time to open the window is also very particular. Generally speaking, when the outdoor air quality is not good, such as smog, simple ventilation, it is appropriate to open the window at 11:00 in the morning and 3:00 in the afternoon. 30 minutes. Of course, this should be adjusted according to the outdoor air quality.

However, when the window is ventilated, the air purifier can be temporarily turned off, and the use of the filter must be paid attention to, and maintenance and replacement should be carried out in time. Otherwise, the filter will become another source of pollution, so that the air purifier becomes a ‘poison machine.’

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