Does the air purifier work? Facts speak louder than words

Does the air purifier work? Facts speak louder than words

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As people’s living standards continue to improve, everyone’s requirements for air quality will increase. The development of modern industry has also made the air quality we breathe every day worse. Going out wearing a mask and going home to open an air purifier seems to be a routine movement in our lives.

After several years of development, air purifiers have gradually transformed from a comfortable consumption into a demanding consumption. However, there are still many people who have many misunderstandings about air purifiers. Some people even ridicule the air purifiers as ‘accepting IQ tax.’ So, does the air purifier work? Below we will use scientific methods to verify. In principle, 99% of air purifiers are basically negative ion technology or physical filtration technology. These two air purifiers can effectively adsorb, decompose or convert various air pollutants (generally including PM2.5, dust, pollen) , odor, formaldehyde and other decoration pollution, bacteria, allergens, etc.).

Air purifiers have been developed so far, and many users have experienced it. It also proves that its role is very good.

In short, the home is our most intimate harbor, and we must not let the bacteria and viruses in the air erode our family. Go home and open the air purifier to create a good room to protect our favorite people.

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