Does the water purifier really work? Finally no longer have to be misled by others!

Does the water purifier really work? Finally no longer have to be misled by others!


Some homes can improve people’s happiness index, such as our usual, water purifiers, humidifiers, and some kitchen convenient supplies. Before my husband used the water in the house to cook rice, I felt that the taste was wrong. Later I bought it. A water purifier, I think this is a function of the heart, the tap water itself has been treated, and later he let me taste the difference between the boiled rice out of the water purifier and the rice directly cooked in tap water, I know It turned out to be useful. My husband worked as a small scientist at the institute. He told us why.

In fact, not all the water quality is very good. Hearing that the water in some places, although processed by the treatment plant, still has a little rust or chlorine smell, it is because of the treatment. Still not enough, if we use a water purifier, we can effectively eliminate these.

Water is essential for our survival. We usually cook rice for cooking and drink water for tea. In this respect, we must not underestimate it. Even if the water quality is good, we should pay attention to it. It is best to add a household water purifier. Do the second treatment, so you can feel at ease.

Some people may worry that the water purifier is just a scorpion. The things inside are all furnishings. Let us use it with confidence. Actually, it is not. The surface of the water purifier can’t be seen now, but the internal structure is enough to achieve the purpose of purifying water. , pp cotton, activated carbon, reverse osmosis, etc., layer filtration.

What we need to pay attention to is that it is ok to change the filter element frequently, because this kind of thing also has a long service life. The time is long, the filtering effect does not exist, it is a display, usually it is 2-3 months to replace the filter element, the problem is Solve it, the most important thing, if you want to drink water, you must boil it in use.

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