Drafting of Green Standards for Air Purifiers

Drafting of Green Standards for Air Purifiers

Since the implementation of the new national standard air purifier in March this year, the turbulent scene of the empty network market has been standardized, and the new national governance standard is called market shock. It is reported that the first national standard for green products in the air purifier industry has been officially issued and expected in the second half of this year.

This standard is the new national standard “air purifier“. PM2.5 air purifier product’s maximum purifying index, the only cleanroom foundation used to eliminate the noise of different sizes (GB/T18801-2015 basis) for most consumers to introduce the standard to select the appropriate air purifier products to provide proof.

From now on, the air purifier industry has been relatively young, but it not only has a wide range of purification technology, hot issues in the market but also has many problems. Against this background, the new national standards for air purifiers have been drafted and formally implemented on March 15, 2016. Once created, the new standards will be officially released later this year, which will accelerate the formulation and implementation of new standards or industry restructuring.

Relevant industry officials said that under the catalysis of the two standards, the formal introduction of the new national standard air purifier did not take time to start drafting an empty net for the implementation of the green product standard, which guided the clearance of the net market to achieve the current regulations, and its role in strengthening the more rational choice of consumer goods improved the quality of household appliances.

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