Eight Problems of Air Purifier

Eight Problems of Air Purifier

1. Can the air purifier be turned on 24 hours in a row? Wouldn’t consecutive meetings cause other problems?

As long as the fan life, wear and heat are not a problem, in theory, any equipment can run 24 hours uninterrupted, but because of life, so life is calculated according to time. The purpose of the air purifier should be replaced after a long time of opening. The loss of filter material may be very large, such as material for one year, which can be used for six or three months. When you shut down the machine, no one shuts it down. For example, if you have children at home, the elderly, the sleepers at night, you must turn it on.

In some cases, some electrostatic or plasma discharge cleaners may produce a small amount of ozone during long-term operation. It is recommended that indoor ozone concentration higher than that of this cleaner be continuously used for 24 hours. I will not. There is a long and obvious exit to distinguish odors.

2. How to use an air purifier to clean indoor air? What is the main basis? Can consumers simply detect useful devices?

Remove the current purification chamber from the air purifier, for example, the amount of clean air (the amount of clean air produced per hour, cubic meters).

Although the purifier may reflect to some extent the use of portable test equipment to observe the purifier before and after use, different consumer tests will measure the performance of the purifier (if accurate) product itself, because of the actual results of the equipment, the factors available with the actual environment, ventilation and so on. It matters

3. Is the bed cleaner close to or far from people?

From the decontamination point of view, the lower the concentration, the closer to the purifier outlet pollution, but closer to hair, noise and other defects, the smaller the room, the greater the concentration of the room will be beautiful. Since air pollutants can be adsorbed on the surrounding cleaners, it is recommended that air cleaners be most effective when they are far away from the human body.

A good air purifier should not be radiation, because the products are already considering radiation, noise and other secondary pollution problems, but now the air purifier market is chaotic because it is difficult to ensure the safety of small brands, so we can recommend some high-quality OEM products away from people.

4. Isn’t the air purifier bigger and the air volume bigger?

From a professional point of view, a large number of parameters within the parameters of the only air purifier in the wind, rather than the wind, can achieve better results. The performance evaluation of the Air Purifier Cleaner once passes CADR (clean air volume)=the cleaning efficiency depends on the one-way air volume and pollutant removal efficiency.

If the concentration of indoor pollutants is high, the air volume should be open. Generally speaking, reducing the air volume and CADR is also the purification effect of fluctuation. The noise level is high. The noise and some factors that the concentration of indoor pollutants may reduce are higher. The louder the sound of the wind is, the louder the sound of the wind is, the louder the noise of the wind is, the larger the volume of the wind is, the larger the volume of the wind is, and the noise is. The smaller the sound, the smaller you are. The higher the speed of the motor, the greater the noise generated by the motor. But the third problem is the design of the air purifier. Because of the poor design of the conduit, the airflow design of the product may be poor.

What are the ratio space and the number of purifiers?

Nowadays household detergents can clean up about 20 square meters, up to 30 square meters of space, so if the room is larger, there should be at least two. With high-efficiency filtration technology, adsorption technology can be applied to narrow space because of its large area. Suitable for purification, almost all 20-30 square meters.

The first conclusion is that the area is 0.15 times that of CADR (clean air volume). The indoor area is estimated to be 15 square meters. Consumers are advised to choose 200 m 3/h or higher clean air volume. The purification effect is very common.

6. Is it directly related to the outdoor air purification effect? Is it directly related to life?

Because the purifying effect of air purifier and outdoor air is directly polluted, the outdoor air of air purifier enters the indoor, and the high and low concentration of PM2.5 are directly related. High concentration, which is important, increases the internal purification process of PM2.5, can reduce the purification effect and shorten the life. Air quality is poor, pollution is serious, and HEPA is damaged quickly and cleanly.

If the outside air becomes dirty, it is recommended to close the outermost layer of the window. It is impossible to stop the airflow inside and outside the room, but it can minimize convection.

7. How to judge the frequency of filter replacement? How to determine how to replace the filter of the purifier without filter warning?

Time is calculated by replacing the tip of the filter, but air quality may be too low and may reduce the life of consumables, which may in fact be inaccurate. If the pressure sensor and the air purifier in the prompting device are used, that is to say, if the internal pollutant HEPA is too much, there will be air resistance, such as when the pressure sensor is activated, but the air purifier will not normally be installed.

Some air purifiers can be turned on and watched, suggesting that some consumers open themselves or contact factories within a certain period of time. Blowing out of the air is that it needs to be replaced, without cleaning or smell.

8. DIY network recently popular air purifier, the air purifier has done this work?

Due to electrical safety problems, a DIY air purifier is not recommended for DIY operation. The incorrect insertion may lead to leakage, overheating, fire and so on.

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