Establish your own air purifier

Establish your own air purifier

In the air purifier market? Given the winter’s attempt to close the area in China, maybe (hopefully) you’ll buy a jacket that won’t warm? This is not the case. The market for air purifiers that cannot provide clean air is exploding and easily lost.

Well, I know what the logic is: so Blueair 403 will be 66% clean because I have Blueair 603 in my living room, which is 66% less in most cases. Yes, the dirt is dirty, as dirty water, the purifier is too small, and the room may do nothing. It was really uncomfortable or at risk of disease on those days when the pollution was serious.

HEPA is a kind of material used to manufacture air filters. The design and manufacture of HEPA air purifiers are closely related to its performance. Turn on the machine immediately, observe the filter carefully, size, structure quality, weight and make sure you understand your own things.

Do you know you want to buy a new air purifier? Make sure sales representatives are busy getting extra filtering benefits. After filling and exposing filters to the world’s worst pollution for months, they are one that deserves death.

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