Expectant mothers can set up baby rooms and air purifiers

Expectant mothers can set up baby rooms and air purifiers

The baby room is preferably sunny and has not been renovated recently (to prevent damage from the decoration pollution to the child), all indoor items including curtains should be kept clean and free of dust. Do not have a drawstring on the curtains to prevent suffocation caused by the child. The most suitable temperature in the room is 20 ° C ~ 24 ° C, the most suitable relative humidity is 50% ~ 65%. If the air inside the house is relatively dry, a humidifier can be used, but the water tank of the humidifier needs to be cleaned regularly.

Although people’s attention to air quality has been increasing in recent years, they have not enough to understand the indoor air pollution problem and the serious harm caused by indoor air pollution to people’s health. People often only pay attention to the pollution problem of decoration, but this is only the tip of the iceberg of indoor pollution. The source of indoor air pollution comes mainly from four aspects: building materials, home appliances, heating equipment and smoke generated during cooking. The chemical pollutants in the indoor air are 9 substances such as benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, hydrazine, and trichloroethylene.

The primary pollutant in the room is benzene, a chemical widely used in building materials, especially in paints, which has the greatest lethal effect on human health. Benzene can cause cancer, especially leading to leukemia. A very small amount of benzene can cause harm. There should be no benzene present in a safe environment.

In the second place is carbon monoxide, the safety standard is less than 0.7mg per cubic meter, the time limit is 24 hours. Excessive amounts of carbon monoxide can cause decreased exercise capacity and an increased risk of ischemic heart disease.

The third place is formaldehyde. The safety standard is less than 0.1mg per cubic meter. The time limit is no more than 30 minutes. Excessive or overtime will damage the lung function and may cause nasopharyngeal carcinoma and leukemia. .

In 2014, the 5th Shanghai International Indoor Technology Forum said that there are data showing that the indoor permeability of particulate matter in the atmosphere is as high as 30%~70%, among which 0.1~1μm into the lungs has higher permeability, indoors are better than outdoor. 5 to 6 times higher. At the same time, the World Health Organization has ranked indoor air pollution as the first of 18 types of carcinogens. Therefore, indoor air pollution is one of the most overlooked human health threats. It is regarded by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the fourth-largest threat to human pollution.

A father once said that he married and had children after decorating the house. As a result, the child had acute leukemia in just 5 months. When the child passed the chemotherapy for nearly 2 years, the patient’s formaldehyde was stabilized and the formaldehyde in the house was still exceeded. many! It can be seen that when they got married, the formaldehyde in the house exceeded the standard higher, which caused the pregnant mother and the fetus (infant) to suffer. The child’s father used his own experience to tell everyone how we made mistakes to make our children suffer from horrible diseases.

If there is more smog in the area where you live, it is best to purchase an air purifier suitable for your room to ensure the air inside the house is clean.



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