Experts remind that negative ion air purifier is the family of choice

Experts remind that negative ion air purifier is the family of choice

The popularity of mobile phones does provide children with the convenience of communication, but children are in the stage of brain development, long-term exposure to mobile phones, lack of learning and communication to the outside world, will affect brain development, and even the phenomenon of mental decline. Adhere to the negative ions of breathing air, which has a good effect on children’s mental development.
What if the child’s intelligence declines? Many manufacturers have promoted children’s intellectual development as a publicity stunt, and various nutritional products and medicines have entered the big counter. So far, no research has shown that these health care products are helpful for improving intelligence. Experts say that regular breathing of ecological grade air negative ions can promote the development of children’s intelligence.

Mechanism of action of air negative ions on improving children’s intelligence

1. Negative ions (negative oxygen ions) can increase the number of synapses in neurons, strengthen the strength of the joints, and expand the effective neural network. US National Aerospace personnel have observed that changing the potential difference between the inner and outer nerve cells can cause the proliferation of neuronal synapses. Negative ions (negative oxygen ions) can change the potential difference between cells inside and outside, increase the number of synapses, effectively expand the neural network, and improve the effect of children’s intelligence.

2. Negative ions (negative oxygen ions) can promote the conversion of DHA and protect the neural network from damage. In the absence of DHA synapses, it cannot be maintained, causing damage to the neural network. Negative ions (negative oxygen ions) accelerate this conversion by enhancing enzyme activity, thereby increasing DHA formation and protecting the integrity of the neural network.

3. Negative ions (negative oxygen ions) are neuron detergents

Dr. Marian of the University of California found that negative ions (negative oxygen ions) have the effect of scavenging neuronal impurity compounds.

4. Negative ions (negative oxygen ions) can regulate the pH of the brain. Dr. Caro Yu, a British medical scientist, found that the higher the alkaline pH of the brain, the higher the IQ of the person. La Yin et al. used a magnetic resonance spectrometer to measure the pH of 42 brains of boys aged 6-13. It was found that when the PH value increased from 6.99 to 7.99, the child’s intelligence would more than double, that is, the IQ would be 63 points. It rose by 138 points. (From the October 4th “Economic Information Daily”)

With the deepening of people’s understanding of negative ion therapy, researchers have developed a negative ion generator based on the principle of negative ion generation. However, due to the different levels of negative ion generation technology, negative ions of three sizes, large, medium and small, are generated. Large and medium-sized negative ions cannot penetrate the human body like small-size negative ions, which have a health-care effect on the human body.

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