Fine particle generation source

Fine particle generation source

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The composition of the particles is complex, depending on its source. There are two main sources of natural and anthropogenic sources, but the latter is the most harmful. In the academic world, there are two types of primary aerosol and secondary aerosol.

Natural source
Natural sources include soil dust (containing oxide minerals and other constituents), sea salt (the second largest source of particulate matter, which is similar in composition to seawater), plant pollen, spores, bacteria, and the like. Disaster events in nature, such as volcanic eruptions, discharge large amounts of volcanic ash into the atmosphere, forest fires or exposed coal fires and dust storms that transport large amounts of fine particulate matter into the atmosphere.

Artificial source
Anthropogenic sources include fixed sources and flow sources. Fixed sources include various fuel combustion sources, such as power generation, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, textile printing and other industrial processes, heating, cooking, coal and gas or fuel emissions. The flow source is mainly the tail gas discharged into the atmosphere when various types of vehicles use fuel during operation.

PM2.5 can be converted from sulfur and nitrogen oxides. These gas pollutants are often caused by human burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil, etc.) and garbage. In developing countries, coal combustion is the primary means of home heating and energy supply. Diesel vehicles without advanced exhaust gas treatment devices are also a source of particulate matter. In diesel-burning trucks, impurities in the emissions cause more particulate matter.

Indoors, secondhand smoke is the most important source of particulate matter. The source of particulate matter is incomplete combustion, so as long as it is a burning tobacco product, it will produce particles with serious harm. The use of better quality cigarettes is only the self-comfort of the smoker, and may even result in lower odor. The big hazard; the same applies to gold paper burning, incense and burning mosquito coils. However, cooking for 5 minutes, PM2.5 increased by 20 times is misunderstood.

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