Fine particle response

Fine particle response

air purifier

Prevention method

Including air conditioners, humidifiers, air fresheners, etc., the advantage is that the concentration of PM2.5 is significantly reduced, the disadvantage is that the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.

2. Water adsorption method
Ultrasonic atomizers, indoor water curtains, pools, fish tanks, etc., can absorb hydrophilic PM2.5 in the air. The disadvantage is that the humidity is increased and the hydrophobic PM2.5 cannot be effectively removed.

3. Plant absorption method
Plant leaves have a large surface area, can absorb harmful gases and adsorb PM2.5. The advantage is that they can produce favorable gas. The disadvantage is that the absorption efficiency is low, and some plants produce harmful gases.

Life response
1. The smog weather is less open, it is best not to go out or morning exercise
The haze weather does not advocate opening the window in the morning and evening. It is best to wait for the moon to come out and then open the window for ventilation. Haze weather is a “dangerous day” for patients with cardiovascular diseases, especially those with respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases. It is best not to go out in the fog, and it is not suitable for morning exercise. Otherwise, it can induce illness and even heart attack, causing life-threatening. . Experts pointed out that the reason why foggy days is a “dangerous day” for patients with cardiovascular disease is because the air pressure is high during fogging, and the oxygen content in the air is increased. People can easily feel chest tightness, and the morning is humid and cold. It can cause cold irritation, which can easily lead to esophageal fistula, blood pressure fluctuations, and increased heart load. At the same time, some pathogens in the fog can cause headaches and even induce diseases such as high blood pressure and cerebral hemorrhage. Therefore, people with cardiovascular diseases, especially those who are old and infirm, should not go out in the foggy days, and should not practice in the foggy morning to avoid danger.

2. Wear a professional dust mask
Generally, conventional masks do not work. Because the particles are too small, KN90, KN95, and N95 dust masks can effectively filter such fine particles, and at the same time, choose a mask that suits you to avoid leakage and cause leakage. In addition, face and bare skin should be cleaned immediately after returning home. Better anti-PM2.5 masks are mainly filters rather than masks. For example, masks with activated carbon filters and medical masks are not protected against PM2.5.

3. Drink more tea, such as Tongjiu tea, Tongshen tea, Tongjiu granules, and platycodon grandiflorum.
Tongli stem tea has the function of clearing the dust and filtering the lung dust, which can strengthen the ability of alveolar cells to discharge toxic fine particles, and can help the body to excrete PM2.5 particles and other harmful substances accumulated in the body.

4. A small amount of vitamin D supplement
In winter, there are many fogs and less sunshine. Because there are too few ultraviolet rays, the production of vitamin D in the human body is insufficient. Some people may also suffer from mental depression and depression, and may supplement some vitamin D if necessary.

5. Eat light and drink honey water
For a foggy diet, choose a light, digestible food that is rich in vitamins. Drink plenty of water and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. This will not only supplement various vitamins and inorganic salts, but also moisturize the lungs, remove dryness, and relieve cough. The role of spleen and kidney. Eat less irritating foods and eat more pears, clams, oranges, oranges and other foods.

6. Deep cleaning
The skin on the surface of the human body is in direct contact with the outside air and is easily damaged by haze. Especially in the bustling city of the smog and smog, in addition to the fog and endangered “muscle” at any time, due to construction, automobile tail gas, industrial fuel burning, fireworks and fireworks, etc. It is inevitable that it will block the formation of blackheads in the pores, causing skin problems such as pore blockage, keratin accumulation, and skin peeling. Therefore, the first measure of self-protection is to deeply clean the surface of the skin and clean the pores.

7. Minimize smoking or even not smoking
There is a large amount of PM2.5 in the smoke, which has direct and indirect harm to the human body. If you can’t stop people around you from smoking, you should try to stay away from the smoke.

8. Install an air purifier

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