Five kinds of common symptoms of haze

Five kinds of common symptoms of haze

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The air quality of the smog is declining. When you go out for a long time, there will always be various conditions, such as coughing, dry itching of the scorpion, itchy nose and so on. These symptoms can be said to be frequent visitors to the fog, how can we easily deal with it?

1.Dry throat itching

The oral throat is the first point of the respiratory system and the first to be injured in the haze. When the scorpion is dry and itchy, you can eat some throat tablets, especially the throat tablets containing mint. It has the effect of contracting the oral mucosal blood vessels, reducing inflammation and edema and pain. It can relieve the symptoms of dry throat and itching. Eat more, oral mucosal blood vessels often shrink, easy to cause dry damage, the formation of oral ulcers.

In addition, drink plenty of water, eat more moisturizing foods, avoid spicy foods, and drink tea, chrysanthemum tea, etc., which can help the lungs and nourish the stomach. If the symptoms of dry itching of the throat are more urgent, you can drink Kudingcha to help. Add some honey to the usual bitter tea, honey can detoxify and relieve pain, bitter can moisturize the mouth, and produce a cool feeling, to achieve analgesic effect, so the bitter honey water in the throat, can play a good moisturizing The role of the throat.


Particulate matter in the smog can irritate the throat and cause symptoms of coughing. Although coughing must be caused by smog, smog can increase cough and increase the probability of upper respiratory tract infection. General mild cough does not require going to the hospital to take medicine, not to abuse cough medicine, which may be counterproductive, increase respiratory infections, and even cause pneumonia. You can use the diet to relieve the regulations, drink plenty of water and eat some foods that are nourishing yin and spleen, such as lily, white fungus, honey, pear, these foods have the effect of moistening and relieving cough, but also very delicious.

However, if the cough is more than one week, and the seizures are frequent, symptoms such as sore throat, hoarseness, chest pain, etc., it is best to use the medicine in time to avoid the symptoms worse.

3.Nasal itching and dry nose

The smog contains a lot of harmful substances, which will directly damage the nasal tissue, causing allergic rhinitis or chronic rhinitis. When you are out in the haze, be sure to bring a N95 mask. Wash your face and wash your hands in time. If you feel that your nose is dry and uncomfortable, you can use a towel or a cotton swab to wash the nasal cavity with warm water. The movement should be lighter to avoid damage to the nasal mucosa. You can also use a steaming water to smoke your nose or wash your nose with light salt water. When you need to pay attention, the nose should not be dug when it is dry and it will damage the nasal mucosa and cause inflammation. At the same time, patients with allergic rhinitis should not use vasoconstrictor nasal drops too much.

If the nose is dry and there is no bleeding, you can eat the food such as lotus root, Rhizoma Imperata, persimmon and other fruits and vegetables to cool the blood, and you can also promote the blood circulation by massage the nose corresponding to the Yingxiang point, which is the sides of the nose. Improve symptoms. If possible, a humidifier can be placed in the office or at home to increase the humidity in the air.

4.Dry eyes, tears

In the smoggy weather, a large amount of particulate matter is suspended in the air. When these particles enter the eye, it will cause dry eyes and foreign body sensation. The more severe the smog, the more particles in the air, the greater the impact on the eyes, which can cause damage to the eyes, causing keratitis or conjunctivitis.

The most obvious eye disease caused by smog is dry eye syndrome. Lighter can relieve eye discomfort by reducing eye fatigue and blinking. In severe cases, artificial teardrops should be used under the guidance of a doctor. Do not buy eye drops yourself. The ingredients of smog are very complicated. It is easy to delay treatment or even aggravate the condition.

When your eyes are dry, you can eat a variety of fruits, especially citrus fruits. You should also eat green vegetables, cereals, fish and eggs. It can also be used with some eye-protecting teas such as scented tea, chrysanthemum tea and so on.

At the same time, you should also maintain good personal hygiene habits. If you go out and wash your face, don’t rub your eyes with your hands. Don’t share personal items such as towels with others. If you accidentally contract with pink eye, don’t panic, you should seek medical advice promptly, and use medication according to your doctor’s advice to prevent eye complications.

5.Skin allergies

When people are exercising outdoors in the haze, the dust of PM2.5, which is highly distributed in the air, will fall on the surface of the skin, causing the metabolic cycle of the skin to be affected, which may cause sebaceous glands and sweat glands to block, resulting in more obvious blackhead pores and even dermatitis. , acne, folliculitis and other skin diseases, and for people with sensitive skin, some heavy metal particles and chemical particles in the haze weather increase skin itching and even skin allergies!

If you want to avoid the damage caused by smog on the skin, you must first protect yourself from the exposed skin. You can use a sunscreen cream to isolate the skin from harmful substances in the atmosphere. Next, go home and clean the skin with a mild cleansing product, but don’t over-clean it to avoid thinning the stratum corneum and weakening the resistance to external stimuli.In addition, you can install an air purifier to absorb other harmful substances and protect your health.

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