Fruit and vegetable machine

Fruit and vegetable machine

vegetable fruit washing machine,fruit sterilizer

Speaking of water purifiers and air purifiers, people are already familiar with them, but most consumers are unfamiliar when talking about household fruit and vegetable disinfection machines. In the face of various problems in life, there are too many “prescriptions” passed down by the ancestors. For example, many people believe that using soaked rice water to soak vegetables, you can remove pesticide residues, or use salt water or baking soda to remove bacteria from fruits and vegetables. , dirt, etc.

There are two ways to solve food safety problems. One is to control from the source, and the chain is controlled from the ingredients from planting/breeding, growing, picking, transportation and storage. However, this method is costly and difficult to implement. Can achieve the needs of a small number of consumers. The second, more realistic approach is to use effective food purification techniques to remove harmful substances from the ingredients. The fruit and vegetable disinfection machine is such a food purification product suitable for consumers to use at home.

Conceptually, the fruit and vegetable sterilizer is a green and environmentally-friendly cleaning machine specially used for cleaning fruits and vegetables. It removes pesticide residues and bacterial residues that cannot be washed off with water, and can also wash meat and tableware.

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