Fruits and vegetables actually harm the body? Is the fruit and vegetable machine useful?

Fruits and vegetables actually harm the body? Is the fruit and vegetable machine useful?

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“If you want to be in good health, the fruits and vegetables can’t be less”, you must be used to it. In our daily diet, fruits and vegetables are indispensable foods. They not only have the function of helping to purify the body, but also can supplement the body’s needed nutrients. It can be said that it is an indispensable part of the food. However, pesticide residues and the like are harmful to our health when we eat fruits and vegetables. In particular, the news on pesticide residues has never stopped. How should we protect our health? Is it useful for fruit and vegetable machines that clean fruits and vegetables?

Pesticide was widely used for many years ago because of pests. Although the pests were stopped in time, the widespread promotion of pesticides also brought harm. It has the effect of preventing and controlling agricultural and forestry pests and diseases, but it also brings more people and animals. Big damage.

According to the report data pointed out. The pesticide utilization rate is generally 10%, and the remaining 90% remains in the environment, causing pollution to the environment. Most of the pesticides used will be volatilized into the air, and they will settle and accumulate in the soil, thus polluting them. Our fruits and vegetables, fish and other products are transferred to the human body through the enrichment of the food chain, causing harm to the human body.

When we eat foods containing residual pesticides, it will cause accumulation of poisoning. It is not easy to find in time when it is eaten into the human body, but once it is discovered, it has accumulated a lot of toxins in the body, so we eat the fruits and vegetables in our daily life. It is likely to be a food that harms the body.

The fruit and vegetable machine that has been popular in recent years can solve this crisis. The fruit and vegetable machine can not only clean fruits and vegetables, but also clean meat, seafood and other ingredients.

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