Furniture manufacturer’s zero formaldehyde is just a legend

Furniture manufacturer’s zero formaldehyde is just a legend

Furniture manufacturers claim that “zero formaldehyde” meets the public’s needs, but due to the low formaldehyde content in wood, there are high levels of adhesives and other materials used in wood processing.


Reporters learned that most forms come from furniture, decorative materials, and textiles. So how to reduce or eliminate formaldehyde?


When buying furniture, decorative materials, and textiles, try to choose trustworthy brands. First, high-quality paint and even water-based paint are used in house renovation to reduce the release of formal hydrides from the source.


The second data, ventilation, is also very necessary for new house decoration. The test data show that the formaldehyde release period of indoor decoration will last for 3 to 15 years under normal conditions. In addition, deletion procedures related to other methods are being deleted.


Finally, it is suggested to remove formaldehyde with cold catalyst, activated carbon and other materials. Of course, the cold catalyst for air purifier is a good choice for activated carbon.

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